Financial Management Solutions


The ever-changing shifts in today’s global economy require business leaders to keep a tight rein on their finances while ensuring that the company remains agile enough to react to changing market conditions.

Are we ensuring the company’s growth through long-term planning, budgeting, and accurate forecasting?

How do we proactively manage risk while reducing compliance costs? Are we SOX Compliant?

Are our mid-level managers receiving accurate and consistent financial and operational information in a timely manner?

How can we standardize and centralize our global financial processes in order to improve our operational efficiency?

How do we streamline and automate our payment and invoice processing system?

Are our financials systems geared for acquisitions, mergers and multi-currency needs?

Does our treasury system link with our banking system? Does our Campus Solutions link with our Financials? Does our Expense Modules link to our HCM system?

Are we managing our DSOs effectively?

Astute is a certified Oracle Partner with over 10 years of experience in implementing complex solutions for leading global companies.

Our product and technology competency includes PeopleSoft Financial Management, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Financial Analytics, and Oracle Governance,Oracle Cloud, Risk and Control.

As an Oracle Partner, Astute is uniquely positioned to help you take full advantage of new features in PeopleSoft V9.1 such as improved reconciliation with subsystems, incremental consolidations, period close monitor, multi-dimensional analysis, exclusion based allocations and much more.

Our Financial Management Solutions enable you to:

  • Perform an accurate analysis of costs and gain insight into profitability
  • Perform top-down target setting and bottom-up budgeting
  • Compare company goals to tangible results
  • Adjust budgeting plans to reflect changing business conditions
  • Consolidate financial data from multiple sources into a single, global view across the enterprise
  • Deliver information to all levels of the organization

Our Financial Management Process Expertise and Competency includes:

  • Improve Asset Visibility, Tracking and Control
  • Optimize Capital Asset Portfolio
  • Streamline and Automate Asset Operations
  • Improve Cash Flow and Increase Efficiencies
  • Balance Growth with Financial Stability and Control
  • Optimize Customer Relationships
  • Streamline and Automate Invoice Management
  • Expand Supplier Collaboration
  • Streamline Processing and Reduce Costs
  • Lower Expense Processing Costs
  • Improve Travel and Expense Management Controls
  • Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction
  • Invoicing, Automated Cash Application and Accounts Receivable Management
  • Improve Efficiency with Highly Automated Financial Processes
  • Enforce Governance with Best-in-Class Controls
  • Provide Visibility and Increase Efficiency in Financial Management and Reporting
  • Pull together Discussions, Decisions and Statuses In One Place Using PeopleSoft Portal Solution
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  • Develop insight to carry back to the organization on how Finance Optimization efforts benefit the entire enterprise.
  • Gather intelligence on how others in the marketplace are tackling similar finance issues.
  • Improve your capability as a steward of and for your finance business partners

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