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Operating PeopleSoft

on Oracle Cloud.  

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Get started with PUM and Dev/Test on Oracle Cloud.

Transitioning to Fluid UI?  

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Automated PTF Testing Solutions.  

Save money, eliminate risk, and speed implementation.

Astute Speak - PTF for PUM - Lessons Learned

Presented by: Venkat Damaraju, Columbia University and Arvind Rajan, Astute Business Solutions

12:50 pm - 1:40 pm

Live demos

  • PTF Test Automation Overview
  • Using PTF to speed up PUM testing
  • PTF maintenance and reporting

Astute Speak - Transform PeopleSoft UI/UX with Fluid

Presented by: Marlon Sofoifa, Global Non-Profit and Arvind Rajan, Astute Business Solutions

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm  

Live demos - FSCM PI23, HCM PI22

  • Case Study presentation
  • Live Demo for multiple Use Cases
  •  Q&A

Look to us for PeopleSoft Solutions 

Implementing Fluid Travel and Expense? 

Check out our Case Study of Fluid T&E on FSCM PI23 Tools 8.55

Thinking about Oracle Cloud migration?

Let us show you options. Get started with Dev/Test, Demo, PUM, PTF on Cloud 

A NEW Help Center

Our staff has prepared step-by-step answers for common questions on Oracle Cloud, PTF, Fluid, Approvals and more.