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HIUG Webinar: Enable a Secure Migration to Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Balance High-Quality Care While Reducing IT Costs

Delivering high-quality patient care, while seeking to simultaneously reduce costs has led many PeopleSoft healthcare customers to pursue a migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI.) At the same time, concerns about data privacy and protection of employee PII is also of the utmost importance. Many healthcare organizations find themselves asking these questions while they consider hosting PeopleSoft in the cloud:

  • How can I ensure authentication into PeopleSoft is as strong as possible?
  • How can I ensure access to business critical data and employee PII remains secure?
  • How can I maintain granular levels of visibility and oversight?

Learn how the Astute / Appsian partnership is the gold standard for enabling PeopleSoft data security on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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How to Build a PeopleSoft Test Framework Program that Works

Defining inbound strategy and roadmap.

We first start with creating an inbound marketing roadmap, which serves as your complete and in-depth inbound sales and marketing strategy. This includes an analysis of your current marketing along with optimizing buyer personas, buyer’s journey, attribution modeling content, continual offers, actionable steps and more.

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Webinar Replay: Ellucian Banner Runs Better On Oracle Cloud

Description: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen2 is enterprise-grade and purpose-built for Ellucian Banner ERP running on Oracle Database Cloud Service. Watch the webinar to learn how Ellucian Banner on Oracle Cloud is 100% automated, you can improve performance by 30% or more and reduce TCO by 50%.

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Astute's Zero Cost PeopleSoft Migration to Oracle Cloud

Description : PeopleSoft customers can take advantage of this limited-time offer to lift and shift PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, and CS applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) free of charge with a qualifying Managed Services Agreement. Watch the webinar to learn more about this industry-first PeopleSoft to OCI solution.

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Analytics Cloud Enablement (ACE)

Description : Think analytics for PeopleSoft is expensive, time-consuming, and challenging? Think again! With ACE, you’ll be creating real-time, actionable reports and customized dashboards in less than a few weeks. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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PeopleSoft Runs Better on Oracle Cloud than AWS or Azure

Description : Learn how customers Gallaudet University and CARE.org have successfully implemented a Lift and Shift of PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud. Learn how they have simplified the complexity of their IT environment, saved money, and are driving better business results by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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The New Voice of Business! Chatbots for PeopleSoft

Description : PeopleSoft tools such as Chatbot Integration Framework are now available to help accelerate the deployment of Chatbots for enterprise applications. Learn how easy it is to deploy Chatbots for absence, recruiting, employee, manager, supplier, requisition, student, IT Help Desk, and more.

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Lift and Shift Ellucian Banner ERP to Oracle Cloud

Description: With Ellucian Banner ERP on Oracle Cloud, you will be primed to take advantage of the latest and greatest developments from the Oracle Cloud. There's never been a better time to experience Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for yourself.

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