Disaster Recovery & Performance Monitoring Get better insight into today, prepare better for tomorrow

In the rapidly changing business environment, organizations are constantly struggling to keep a tab on the business processes and the direction in which they are going. Preparing for situations that could happen in the future or even taking measures to avoid them, becomes an important function.

Astute Business Solutions helps you get ready for tackling the future challenges through its Disaster Recovery & Performance Monitoring Services.

Disaster Recovery Get ready for the unforeseen; its simple & economical

While preparing for unforeseen situations is a necessity, it can get costly and complex if your data resides in remote data centers. That’s why, backup data on cloud to make disaster recovery simpler & more economical..

With Astute Business Solutions as your partner, you can explore Disaster Recovery services that best suit your business needs and budget. Using latest Oracle backup & storage solutions, and our tools & experience, you can be assured of business continuity during planned and unplanned outages. Once on cloud, your data will be available to you anytime, anywhere. 

How it Works


Assess organizational needs and recovery objectives and design a DR plan suited best for the business.


Move database and tape archives to cloud. Reduce DR cost by 50% or more on cloud. Restore on demand.


Start with minimum footprint, and scale up in case of a DR event.

Performance Monitoring Monitor, Manage & Analyze – Understand the Whys & Hows of application performance

There is no dearth of data, and its being rapidly generated every second, even now, from your reports, applications, customer interactions and so on. But when you observe all these processes with a watchful eye, you get a deeper insight into the events going on behind the attractive user interface and get a true picture of the application performance.

Astute Business Solutions helps you get this perspective using Oracle Management Cloud. You can get real-time data, at the right time for the right action. More so, there is log analytics creating actionable data for everyone, be it the IT Administrator, Developer or the Business Analyst

What to Expect

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of application performance, log analytics and immediate reporting of any anomaly


Better insight into data from various sources using log analytics, helping you correlate data & take meaningful actions 

Rapid Diagnostics

Rapid identification & fixing of problems before they affect the end-user and business

Prediction & Planning

Easier & risk-free planning of future activities & events by extrapolating data & using prediction algorithm