Accelerating Oracle Analytics Cloud and ADW Implementations

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Speedy Business Insights

Users today demand modern self-service visualization tools that must include data
preparation and storytelling capability. 

  • Traditional analytics tools are hard to use

  • Starting from nothing is not optimal

  • Business wants real-time, speedy insight into the data


Jump-Start Your Oracle Analytics Cloud Implementation

If you agree with the phrase, well-begun is half done, this is your solution.

  • Utilize Astute's pre-built data models to jump-start your Analytics journey

  • Ability to fully deploy the ACE solution and training within 10 business days

  • Please take advantage of Astute's experience by beginning your adoption with our pre-built dashboards


What You'll Receive

A fixed-fee, 10 business day engagement that shows you how powerful, and simple Oracle Analytics can be!

  • 2 Days of OAC Training

  • Astute's Pre-Built Data Models and Dashboards

  • Basic ETL process to load data


Why ACE?

You're busy and don't have the resources for a long implementation. You need to deliver business results to your stakeholders now. The good news is Astute has done most of the heavy lifting so that your implementation goes quickly with ACE. With our extensive knowledge of PeopleSoft data structures, our pre-built data models for HCM, FSCM, and CS you'll be up and running in no time!

  • ACE enables customers to get a jump-start on their OAC implementation

  • Short engagements that yield great value with minimal investment

  • ACE can support various Oracle and Non-Oracle ETL tools to move your data sources



Quick Time to Value

Astute understands that knowledge is power and that the more quickly you can gain insight into your valuable data, the better off your business will be.

  • Powered by Oracle - the world's leader in data

  • Fast Results - both from the project, and your ability to quickly make informed business decisions from your information

  • Tools that are more intuitive than Excel, and many other leading BI platforms currently on the market


Minimal IT Investment

Most companies are trying to optimize the money they spend on information technology. While it is super important to an organization, it is also an area where spending can quickly snowball out of control. OAC implementation with ACE is an inexpensive alternative to having your team completely consumed with the installation of a new product.

  • Astute is there to help along the way

  • OAC can be entirely owned and operated by the business

  • OAC accepts federated SSO and is compliant with most regulatory requirements


A Tested and Proven Solution

ACE Delivers in 2 Weeks

We love a challenge. Take us up on our offer for a fixed-fee 2-week engagement and bring your challenges for us to solve. 

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Expert Guidance

Experienced, ready to solve problems

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Fixed Fee

$10K, 2-week engagement

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Dashboards, Pre-Built Data Sets and DV's

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Industry Focus

Education, Retail, Finance, Healthcare

Accessing Real-Time Data is Critical to the Success of Your Business. Get a Jump-Start with ACE!


We know it sounds too good to be true, so we have put some of the most commonly asked questions in an FAQ to get you started. 


Watch a replay of our recent webinar on ACE featuring a product demo and business case justification. 


Deploy Oracle Analytics Cloud for any Oracle ERP in Procurement, Finance, and HR for $20K

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