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    An Advanced Multi-Skilled Digital Assistant For Students, Faculty and Administrative Staff

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    Next-Gen Learning

    As universities, schools, and colleges revamp their approach to recruiting, admissions, and classes in this new worked, they need to better address an audience of mobile-first millennials who want instant, on-demand solutions.

    • Affinity to text and chat rather than talk 

    • Need for more online resources 

    • Online student-faculty interaction

    • Need for multi-channel engagement


    A Student Intelligent Conversational Guru Chatbot

    The right solution at the right time for students, faculty, and administrative users, Guru Chatbot is designed to keep up with the evolution of personal technology with a modern, intelligent conversational bot, powered by Oracle Cloud Digital Assistant. Guru delivers secure, on-demand, virtual, and contextual answers to frequently asked questions by students, faculty, and administrative staff. Guru integrates with student information systems such as PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Ellucian Banner ERP:

    • Available 24×7 anytime, anywhere

    • Improves customer service through NLP and live agent handover

    • Multi-channel deployment for an enhanced user experience

    • NLU training models to predict user intent


    Pre-Built Bots and Skills

    With our deep knowledge of the education industry, Astute has developed bots with multiple skills to enable customers to accelerate chatbot implementations on Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud Service. Guru includes the following skills:

    • Student and faculty self-service functionality

    • Course catalog and class schedules

    • Grades and Tuition 


    Purpose-Built for PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner ERP

    Guru is built on Oracle Digital Assistant and has a fast-growing list of skills and integrations that are being developed. Using a proprietary crawler, Guru can identify campus-wide sources of information and quickly convert them into FAQ bots. Guru can convert complex ERP transactions into simple CUI conversations by integrating student, academic and financial information from Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Ellucian Banner ERP, and related systems. 

    • Fast-growing library of pre-built bots and skills

    • Rapid implementation model, FAQ bot can be live in two weeks

    • PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner ERP integration

    • Multi-channel deployment - Facebook, Alexa, Telegram, WeChat, Website, SMS


    Improved Experience

    With Guru, campuses can enhance the full lifecycle of the student experience, from recruiting to admissions to enrollment and graduation. Higher Ed customers can:

    • Increase enrollment

    • Improve student outcomes

    • Deliver a modern experience

    • Use analytics to gain insights


    Enabling Transformation 

    IT organizations in Higher Education and K-12 can leapfrog into the next-generation business enablement with AI/ML-powered chatbots on Oracle Digital Assistant Platform Cloud services. Guru, powered by Oracle Cloud, speeds up chatbot deployment, by bringing purpose-built industry solutions that to accelerate Time to Value. Guru delivers:

    • Accelerated chatbot implementation on Oracle Cloud

    • Automate repetitive tasks within the IT helpdesk

    • Consistent, measurable, intelligent answers 

    • Automated, fast and intelligent answers to IT Helpdesk FAQs and forms to gather user input

    Guru Higher Education Chatbot

    A Powered by Oracle Cloud Solution



    Valeris working template (10)


    ERP Integration with live-agent handoff

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    Growing library of student skills

    Valeris working template (14)

    No Code Dev

    Visual Declarative Tools, Visualizations

    Valeris working template (15)

    Deep Insights

    Using OCI Platform AI/ML capabilities


    Start Delivering a Better Student Experience with Guru

    Guide to Oracle Chatbots-png


    A chatbot is a simple to use application that’s specifically designed to engage in real-time conversation with users, all online. We know it sounds too good to be true, so we've created a  beginners guide to get you started. 

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    Guru delivers a modern CUI for PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner ERP by providing seamless interactions between students and the university. 

    Woman reading at the library on an e-book reader


    Oracle Digital Assistant provides the platform and tools to easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to your backend applications. Read Astute's blog post to learn more.