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  • An Open Letter to Our Customers

    Arvind Rajan
    CEO and Co-Founder, Astute Business Solutions
    07 May 2021

    We are grateful for your trust in us to help you run your business. Bringing daily value to you is core to the mission that you have entrusted to us. As you are aware, we perform a portion of our business work in India, a country that is currently suffering one of this generation’s greatest humanitarian disasters in the wake of the novel Coronavirus. We feel it is important to be open and transparent with you about our operations and business continuity plans so that you can have confidence in our capability to effectively operate despite risks currently faced by our global team.

    Astute maintains work teams that are geographically separated from each other as a part of our Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plan. We have teams in the United States, and teams in India. Historically we’ve had physical offices in the Eastern, Central, and the Western US, as well as two locations in Southern India. As a result of the global-pandemic, we closed our offices and all employees are working remotely from home full-time. We feel that this is in the best interest of the safety of our employees and their loved ones, as well as for the delivery of services to our customers.

    Our managers are in daily contact with team members in India, and thankfully we have not lost employees or any of their immediate loved ones. There are many who have fallen ill, so far, all have recovered, and only one team member has been hospitalized. As international aid arrives in India we know that the country will recover and thrive. However, just as we’ve experienced in the United States, recovery takes time, dedication, and patience. 

    People are important. We recognize that in these times people have a lot of concerns and that these concerns will at times rise above those of one’s employment or the concerns of their employer. Please rest assured that we are looking after its employees, and providing them with the time, space, and little resource we can provide, as and when it is needed. At the same time, our leadership team is committed to ensuring that we are sufficiently staffed and adequately cross-trained in various global locations to ensure business continuity and continuous service delivery to our customers.

    I am optimistic for a vibrant future. We must support each other, it’s the only way.

    Looking forward,