Database Consolidation Services

Increase business value, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs through professional database consolidation services.


Consolidate Mission-Critical Databases

Approach database consolidation in a way that aligns with your organization’s requirements to bring more efficiency and agility to your working infrastructure and increase agility. Scale up and down based on your requirements and maintain continuous operations. It will also help businesses cut down on costs and increase business value.
Astute has helped many organizations choose the best way of consolidating their databases to achieve their business goals.

Business Drivers For Database Consolidation

Leveraging a modern platform and minimizing business disruptions can be complex and cumbersome. Database consolidation is a primary IT strategy used to achieve the strategic goals of businesses. Organizations usually have numerous Oracle Database estates but stand-alone databases limit the efficiency of organizations and increase their costs. Here are some drivers for implementing a database consolidation:

  • Enhancing business value
  • Reducing the TCO
  • Reducing costs
  • Enhance scalability

Oracle’s Database Consolidation Capabilities:

  • Oracle reduces costs for legacy apps- Enabling you to run mission-critical applications
  • Higher value at lower costs- High performance at a reduced cost. Pay only for CPU cores used.
  • Consistent governance- Multiple levels of resource management. Oracle Database Consolidation on Oracle also allows you to automate database management.
  • Designed for the cloud- Run consolidated databases in OCI rather than in on-premises data centers.
  • Scalable solutions- Start small and grow with the pace of the project.
  • Zero downtime.

Three ways to consolidate Oracle Database

Consolidate Databases on Exadata

Oracle Exadata has been deployed in numerous organizations since 2008. It has proved itself to be an ideal platform for consolidating databases over the past 10 years since its deployment in the market.

Exadata is the best choice for database consolidation due to:

  • Reduced Cost:
    Exadata’s high performance allows it to deploy on more databases, lowering its costs. With optimum use, the costs of Exadata systems are easily reduced.
  • Simplicity:
    Consolidating data on Exadata results in the simplification of data.
  • Security:
    Oracle Database Exadata provides enhanced security than other solutions as it is a fully stacked system. Oracle is the only service provider that delivers a single full-stack solution that includes the Oracle database.
  • Availability:
    Exadata delivers the highest level of availability in the industry by integrating tightly with the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) principles.
  • Performance:
    Apart from providing the highest levels of performance, Exadata can also achieve greater density in database consolidation environments.

Consolidate with Fewer Databases

Popular organizations typically use many types of databases regardless of the industry they belong to. Regardless of whether you belong to Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, or any other organization, you would be using different database silos such as Data Warehouse, Document, Machine Learning, Graph, Blockchain, and many more. However, using multiple databases creates complexities and risks for the organization.

Converge Oracle databases to achieve database convergence and achieve the following capabilities:

  • Leverage multiple data types that are structured as well as unstructured.
  • Achieve scalability and risk reduction on mission-critical applications.
  • Achieve convergence in multiple workloads that are transactional as well as analytical.
  • Decentralized as well as accelerated development styles.

Converged Oracle Database applications use one database for all data types and workloads.


Platform-based Database Consolidation

Using different database applications, users, and SLAs, different budgets and timings and different governance requirements can become complex and risky. With different security and management requirements, different database patch levels, and different platforms, it can also get overly expensive.

Platform-based consolidation allows you to use multiple databases and multiple platforms to patch and manage.

Platform-based consolidation and convergence help you combine all your databases into one and use the same platform to patch and manage.

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