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Modernize your Workflows using PeopleSoft’s advanced and technology-enabled tools to deliver quick and effective solutions to your clients.


PeopleSoft Modernization Made Easy

There's never been a better time to look at modernizing your PeopleSoft applications. With the advent of PeopleSoft 9.2, you have so many options that will delight your users. Oracle has delivered thousands of features, fixes, and enhancements since the original release of 9.2 and continues to do so with each quarterly image and with PeopleTools versions. Astute helps customers take advantage of the latest features so that you can deliver business value to your end-users.

Modernize with Selective Adoption

Your PeopleSoft applications are continually being enhanced and modernized. Each quarter there is a new PeopleSoft 9.2 image release that fixes defects and adds new functionality. Every 12-18 months there is also a new PeopleTools release which further extends the technology on which the PeopleSoft applications are built. Astute Business Solutions has been in the business of PeopleSoft since its inception in 2006. We're ready to help you understand the current PeopleSoft landscape so that you can make the most informed decisions for your organization as you approach plans around your PeopleSoft investment.

Astute can help you find, evaluate, prototype, and implement the features that best meet your current and future business needs to help you get the maximum return on your PeopleSoft investment.



Your Path to a Modern PeopleSoft

Whether you're still running a pre 9.2 version, or you're on 9.2 but still trying to figure out how to make selective adoption work for you, Astute Business Solutions has the team that can help you rationalize, formulate, and execute on your plan to take advantage of the most recent developments.

Modernization Services

This a sampling of the types of projects we've had the privilege of working. If the specific type of project you're thinking about isn't on the list, there's a good chance we can help you with it, as well.

  • Implementations, Re-Implementations
  • Application Upgrades, Tools Upgrades, PUM Updates
  • Fluid UI Implementations with Mobile Workflow
  • Kibana Analytics, Fluid Dashboards, Simplified Analytics
  • Migration to Oracle Cloud
  • De-customization
  • Automated lifecycle management with Cloud Manager


PeopleSoft Modernization FAQ

Here's a small list of PeopleSoft Modernization frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, let's chat.
How long does it take to apply a PeopleSoft PUM Image or get me current

The answer depends on a few factors:

  • How far behind are you?
  • How customized is your environment?
  • Are you on a PeopleTools version that is supported with the current image?
  • Do you have resources ready and available to participate in code retrofit, and testing?

That said, many organizations are able to apply a full PeopleSoft image or get me current with a 90 day project or less.

What is involved in a PeopleSoft health check?

We engage with you to understand your environment, its platform, how it has been configured, the modules you are running, the general operating procedures for your organizations use of PeopleSoft, and any pain points you may be experiencing. With those inputs, we are able to compare your experience with that of an ideal experience to provide you with a listing of areas for improvement arranged by impact and cost.

If desired, from that point we could also be engaged to help you create and execute on a plan to address the improvement points discovered.

How do you determine a Selective Adoption strategy?

We like to meet with you to understand your business culture and goals. We then work with you to help define a strategy that you can use to guide your PeopleSoft work while keeping close to the direction of the PeopleSoft product management team. Each organization defines selective adoption a little bit differently, and that's totally ok, what's important is having a documented plan that you can share with your business in order to plan and execute.

What is PeopleSoft Modernization?

PeopleSoft Modernization is defined differently for each organization. For some it may be to find a way to reduce customization, for others it might be about implementing new modules, for a different customer it might be about taking advantage of the latest enhancements, and for another it might be about getting off of old hardware onto something more sustainable for the long term. Whatever your objective is, Astute Business Solutions would love to lend its experience and skill to helping you define and execute on your version of PeopleSoft modernization.



Unmatched Experience

Astute has built a leadership position in Oracle Cloud migrations for PeopleSoft customers with repeatable processes, agile methodologies, automation tools, and best practices. Use our experience to plan and execute your next cloud project.
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Testimonial -'s Global Peoplesoft Runs On Oracle Cloud

CARE, a global non-profit, with a footprint in over 100 countries focuses on its core mission of helping the poor and women's rights, by moving its global PeopleSoft application to Oracle Cloud.

Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept-2

Hms Host Modernizes Peoplesoft With Strategic Sourcing

Astute helps HMS Host modernize PeopleSoft by implementing Strategic Sourcing for World’s Largest Travel Services Company in record time.

Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface

Japan Travel Bureau Modernizes Peoplesoft Financials With V9.2

JTB chose Astute to re-implement PeopleSoft Financials V9.2 to improve business processes, automate workflow, be audit compliant, and streamline integration.

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