What Can Oracle AI Infrastructure do?

Key Capabilities Of Oracle AI Infrastructure

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GPU Instances

For AI inferencing, tweaking, and training the models, you can use Bare metal and VM computing powered by NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU and GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip. Plus, GB200 NVL72 is about to join the league.

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Supercluster GPU Instances

Tensor-core GPUs, such as bare metal compute powered by NVIDIA A100 and H100, help accelerate large-scale AI training and inferencing. Moreover, H200 and B200 will soon be available for use.

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Cluster Networking

RDMA with dedicated cluster networks offers AI infrastructure, microsecond latency, and 1.6 TB/sec internode bandwidth.

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High-Performance Storage

Oracle AI Infrastructure provides locally attached NVMe storage for demanding AI workloads and cluster file systems like BeeGFS, Lustre, and WEKA.

Want To Leverage The Benefits Of AI Infrastructure?

Astute is offering Oracle AI Infrastructure services to automate the time-consuming processes and tensor core GPUs for training models.
Oracle AI Infrastructure Solutions

Effective Solutions To Your Problems

Oracle AI Infrastructure Solutions

Deep Learning Training And Inferencing

OCI bare metal instances powered by GPUs, RDMA cluster networking, and OCI Data Science help to train AI models.

Fraud Detection Augmented By AI

NVIDIA GPUs empower AI models based on OCI computing with model management tools, such as OCI Data Science and other models, to facilitate fraud prevention in financial institutions.

AI-based Medical Image Analysis

While AI is used to analyze several medical images (X-rays and MRIs), training models will be more helpful in prioritizing cases that need to be reviewed by radiologists and report conclusive results on others.

Accelerate Drug Discovery With AI

AI is beneficial to use in the drug discovery process, which is time-consuming and expensive. NVIDIA GPU-powered OCI compute with AI workflow management tools like BioNeMo helps customers curate and preprocess their data.

Overcome Your Problems With Oracle AI Infrastructure.

Whether it’s about training and inferencing, fraud detection, or drug discovery, Oracle AI Infrastructure provides solutions for all of them.
Why Choose Oracle AI Infrastructure Services

Reasons To Consider AI

Why Choose Oracle AI Infrastructure Services?

Leading AI Performance and Value

OCI AI Infrastructure offers the highest-tier performance and value for all types of AI workloads, such as inferencing, training, and AI assistants.

Scale Up to 32,768 GPUs

OCI Supercluster is the only way to achieve industry-leading scale with bare metal computing. As a result, businesses will be able to accelerate their training for trillion-parameter AI models.

Enable Sovereign AI

You can deploy AI infrastructure anywhere through Oracle’s distributed cloud. It helps to fulfill different business requirements such as performance, security, and AI Sovereignty.

Automate Your AI Workloads With Oracle AI Infrastructure.

Astute empowers businesses through Oracle AI Infrastructure services to facilitate inferencing and training of AI models.

Use Cases

Customer Sucess Stories

OCI Supercluster

OCI Supercluster is a high-performance, cloud-based infrastructure with powerful computing, storage, and networking capabilities. It helps deliver unparalleled performance for mission-critical workloads. With OCI Supercluster, you can deploy up to an industry-leading 32,768 GPUs per cluster. It maximizes the benefits of RDMA cluster networking and local storage to accelerate training and inference on large-scale AI models.


Adept is a machine learning research and product lab that built a universal AI teammate with the help of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and NVIDIA technology. It helped them to train large-scale AI and ML models faster and at affordable cost. Plus, they are now more capable to rapidly advance their general intelligence roadmap and develop its first product.

Generative AI

OCI Generative AI service gives the power to create next-generation enterprise applications with advanced language comprehension. It is easily accessible through API for seamless integration of the versatile language models. It offers multiple use cases such as writing assistance, summarization, analysis, and chat.


MosaicML helps data scientists train and deploy generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) with ease. They chose OCI as the best foundation for scaling to thousands of GPUs because it offers bare metal computing, high-performance storage, and RDMA cluster network. With the flat cluster network architecture of OCI, MosaicML achieved linear performance scaling.

OCI and AI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a leader in industry-transforming solutions, embracing AI at its core. With advanced algorithms and extensive data resources, OCI utilizes the power of AI for enhanced efficiency, scalability, and innovation. It offers a robust infrastructure that creates secure and scalable solutions for AI development and deployment.

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Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience is a global synthetic biology and genomics company that requires a cloud provider with high proficiency and vast infrastructure to operate AI workloads. OCI and AI-enabled Twist Bioscience to quickly deploy and optimize a pipeline for predicting protein and structures. They are now able to make predictions of 3D models to thousands of models per day.


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