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FasTest supplies  PTF with a set of  tools to optimize testing

Automated, secured, and optimal testing for seamless running of PeopleSoft Applications
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What is Regression Testing?

As changes and updates are made to PeopleSoft applications, regression testing ensures that existing functionality remains intact. It involves retesting previously tested components to ensure that no unintended side effects or issues arise.


About FasTest

FasTest Features

Using FasTest and PeopleSoft Test Framework, PeopleSoft customers can overcome testing challenges and build agility into implementations and maintenance projects. FasTest is the only Oracle Validated Integration solution for PeopleSoft test automation that solves business problems by automating testing in Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain Management, Campus Solutions, Enterprise Learning Management, and Interaction Hub applications, across all PeopleTools releases. FasTest delivers Test Automation Tools and Managed Test Automation Services to help customers cope with the life cycle of PeopleSoft application maintenance.

FasTest is purpose-built for PeopleSoft applications, is natively integrated and certified with PeopleTools and PeopleSoft Test Framework. FasTest delivers:

Pre-Built PTF Test Libraries
Test Automation Dashboards
Process Sequencing
Test Case Generator
Online Test Execution

FasTest is more than technology, it is a set of tools and processes that address not just test coding and execution pain point, but also the lifecycle management challenges of PeopleSoft applications. FasTest delivers the ability to track and maintain all test assets, update them with new releases of PUM and Tools, test implementation and test management best practices, training for FasTest and PTF, and ongoing maintenance and support services.

Test Dashboards with KPI's
Defect Management tool
Test Lifecycle Management
Maintenance and Support

Enhance The Flexibility Of PeopleSoft Applications With PTF Tests.

Astute offers FREE PeopleSoft Test Framework tests to quickly make changes in the PeopleSoft applications and ensure they run smoothly.

Benefits from FasTest

FasTest helps you get your regression testing done more quickly


Easily Add New Features

With FasTest, tackling PeopleSoft PUM Updates, PeopleTools Upgrades, and implementation and enhancement projects are no longer daunting projects. Business users can adopt new features and technologies at a faster pace than ever before. FasTest delivers business benefits by:

  • Shorter project timelines
  • Reliable outcomes
  • Repeatable tests and processes
  • Happy users!


Completely Eliminates Manual Testing

FasTest enables IT organizations to get away from the cumbersome and painful process of building, maintaining, and using manual test scripts in Excel or Word. Instead, they switch to rapid development and maintenance of automated PTF tests and gain complete visibility and transparency. FasTest uses pre-built test libraries and best practices to jumpstart PTF implementation projects and delivers continued support with Managed Testing Services. FasTest tools bring a holistic approach to integrate testing into your SDLC processes.

  • Respond faster to business needs
  • Speed up PUM Update and Tools Upgrade projects
  • Reduce bugs by bringing consistency and reliability to testing
  • Increase testing coverage and volume

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Oracle Cloud Migration FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Astute Business Solutions Migration Service to Oracle Cloud.
What is the typical duration of an Oracle Cloud Migration project?

The duration of your Oracle Cloud Migration project is largely dependent on the size and number of environments you are migrating as well as your ability to test and validate the migration process. On the short end we've seen some migrations complete in less than 10 weeks, on the long end we've had a project run 20 months. The average duration of a Cloud Migration is around 12 weeks.

How is an Oracle Cloud Migration priced?

There are several factors that work into the price of an Oracle Cloud migration. 

  • Number and Size of Environments
  • Complexity of Environments
  • Estimated Duration of Migration Project
  • Customer Appetite for Change
  • Is the migration a pure lift and shift, or is it move and improve?

If you purchase a three year Managed Services contract from Astute Business Solutions, we have a program that provides you with a free cloud migration project (lift and shift).

Have you performed an Oracle Cloud Migration in my industry?

Astute Business Solutions is Oracle's premier partner for Applications Unlimited migrations to Oracle cloud. We have successfully migrated customers of varying sizes to the Oracle Cloud in the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • State and Local Government
Can you migrate PeopleSoft to the Oracle Cloud?

Yes! PeopleSoft is our heritage as a company, and one of our strongest offerings. We are competent and confident that we can move your PeopleSoft environments, regardless of pillar, to the Oracle Cloud.

Can you migrate Ellucian Banner to the Oracle Cloud?

Yes! Ellucian Banner runs its very best when it's hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Astute Business Solutions has a great track record of performing Ellucian Banner migrations to Oracle Cloud. Our long experience with higher education and expertise with Oracle cloud make Ellucian Banner a perfect fit for Astute Business Solutions.