Replatform to Oracle Autonomous Database

Leverage automation for autonomous data management that drives innovation, uncovers new insights and enhances business outcomes. Managing data can be complicated and expensive, but not with Oracle's autonomous database.


Automated Data Management

Autonomous Database management leverages automation for better data management. Many business owners accept that database management is getting increasingly complicated and expensive. Oracle solves that problem with the Autonomous database services. Astute will be a helping hand that helps you meet your business requirements through an easier route. Oracle Autonomous database is a fully managed, cloud-native database as a service.

Why You Should Choose Oracle Autonomous Database Management

  • Unlike other services, Oracle Autonomous Database allows you to spend less, improve performance, and mitigate risks.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database eliminates the barriers to innovation by simplifying it and accelerating the time-to-value.
  • Lesser risks, and enhanced security as Oracle Autonomous Database Services eliminates manual tasks, human error, downtime, scaling complexity, and performance tuning complexity.
  • Automated security and bug fixes- automated patching to reduce costs.
  • High-performance engineered systems.
  • Deployment choices to match your cloud and data requirements like public cloud, customer data center, and multi-cloud.


Your Cloud and Your Data Requirements

Oracle Autonomous Database provides a fully managed, cloud-native, Database as a Service option for business. It requires the lowest total cost of ownership offering a High Performance Engineered System.

Autonomous databases can be leveraged in all use cases at any scale. They help to exponentially reduce the complexity, cost, and time-to-market. Autonomous databases are available for all use cases at any scale.

One autonomous database optimized specifically for your workload:

  • Autonomous Transaction processing
    Accelerate transaction processing and mixed workloads with the help of data caching and pre-configuration for row format. It provides rapid updates with real-time data.
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
    Accelerate analytics, data warehouse, and data lake workloads that are pre-configured for columnar format, partitioning, and large joins. It provides analytical queries on structured data.

Oracle Meets You Where You Are

Autonomous Transaction Processing

Autonomous transaction processing delivers unique capabilities of Autonomous Database by providing the highest throughput and availability for highly demanding industries. They support all data types and provide enhanced data security using machine learning and a serverless architecture that runs on extreme performance.

OLTP is also compatible with in-premise systems to make it easy to adopt. If you want the highest database availability, enhanced security, and performance, and reduced costs and complexity, you can achieve it all with Oracle.

Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle autonomous data warehouse provides a fully autonomous Oracle Database service that is optimized for analytical workloads which include data marts, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse as a service provides complete and integrated tools. It enables data analysts, data scientists, and developers to be able to interpret and derive meaningful conclusions from data of any size and type.

Astute can pave the way for your business

Let the multiple years of expertise gained by Astute professionals enhance your business outcomes by re-platforming to Oracle Autonomous database. We provide you with unparalleled support throughout your journey.

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