Banner Managed Services

Infrastructure support, database management, tuning services, application management services and several other banner-related custom services covered under one roof.


A Banner SaaS Solution

We're ready to make your Banner Solution as easy to manage as turning a key.

Always Current

Astute Business Solution's Managed Services help increase the value you bring to your organization by moving contextual work to a more affordable source which allows your employees to contribute to the most important and visible projects of the organization.

We handle the technical management, so you can focus on business value. From infrastructure to the database, and the application, we've got you covered.



Maximizing Value with Banner Managed Services for Banner

You've spent years getting your Banner environment honed, and working just the way you like it. At the same time, you're feeling pressure to reduce cost. Or perhaps you're finding it difficult to find, train, and retain Banner talent. Our Banner Managed Service provides you with a seasoned, team of experts, ready to make sure things just move without your daily management, saving you money, and allowing you to focus on the business.

Tailor-made Banner Managed Services

We're ready to support you from A-Z when it comes to your Banner environments. Whether you're looking for infrastructure support, tuning services, application patching services, or some combination of custom services, we're ready to help you assemble the service that makes the most sense for your organization.



Banner Managed Services FAQ

We're ready to answer the best questions you have!
Are your Managed Services customizable?

Yes! Every organization is unique, and though we have certain classes of services and service areas, your specific services are purposefully created for you and your needs.

What Managed Services do you provide?

We provide managed services in the following areas for our customers today:

  • Managed Network Services
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Managed Application Services
  • Managed Development Services
  • Managed Testing Services
How much do Managed Services cost?

The price of a Managed Service is dependent on the following factors:

  • Service Level Agreement Requirements
  • The skill required to perform the service
  • Hours forecast to provide the service on a monthly basis
  • Complexity and Size of item(s) under Cloud Management
What is the duration to onboard a Managed Service?

The duration largely depends on the size of the item under cloud management, the SLAs, and your ability to provide knowledge transfer (where applicable).

Most organizations find that a Managed Service can be onboarded in three to six months, but find that the managed service organization is providing value in the job within 6 weeks.

What is the SLA offered for your Managed Services?

We are flexible with the type of SLA we offer depending on your business requirements.

To see a detailed guide of Questions and Answers download the FAQ.
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