Modern Data Platform

Astute presents to you the most comprehensive and innovative data management solution in the market- Modern Data Platform by Oracle. Deploy flexibly as per your requirements, consolidate all your data into one comprehensive platform, and explore your capabilities with OCI.


Drive Enhanced Business Outcomes

Data is the most crucial part of your business. Every organization is built on its data, but do we have what it takes to manage and leverage it efficiently? Most business owners would think infinitely before answering that. Useful data is buried in different location, in multiple workloads and data types.
Oracle’s approach to modernizing your data platform brings a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem of applications and tools to help you simplify data management. Astute can help you deploy a comprehensive data platform with a converged database smoothly. Leverage data to build the foundation of a result-driven business.

The Challenge

With our experience in working with multiple organizations and learning from their experiences, we have realized that most businesses face the following challenges with their data:

  • Relying on several database types for different data requirements.
  • Ensuring proper data flow with different stream data processing.
  • Having to rely on other integrations that increase expenses and data vulnerability.
  • Unable to derive meaning from data

Overcoming the challenges of traditional data platforms

Extend the Capabilities of Your Data Platform

Traditional data platforms overburden IT and data teams with overwhelming technical overload. Oracle’s modern data platform will help you overcome these challenges in the following ways:
Integrate to achieve simplicity

Oracle's modern data platform efficiently consolidates several database types to suit various business units and data requirements. A converged database will provide your IT and data teams with ease of management and efficiency.

This feature provides many benefits such as a reduction in costs. It has enhanced performance, reliability, security, and simplicity in management. It also reduces the time taken to deploy systems.

Better data management

If you are an organization with data stored in multiple locations, with different types of workloads scattered across your system, you will agree that it becomes very complex to derive meaning from this data at the right time.

Oracle supports the whole data stack through Database Integration, Data Warehouse, Big data & Data Lake, AI and ML technologies, and analytics.

Relieve the burden on your teams

In our experience of working with organizations, we have discovered that they have a vast amount of data distributed in dynamic environments. Automating does not solve the problem for them.

What they need is to make the system resolve its resource requirements for itself.

Oracle’s modern data platform relieves technical experts from operational burdens by leveraging pre-built AI services and a custom-tailored solution for business analysts, DBAs and Data Scientists.


Organizations often have to compromise on data security because securing your data comes with downtime and a system reboot.

With Oracle's modern data platform, security is built-in and autonomous with the working infrastructure. Your data will be safe and secure without enormous technical work.

Overcome Challenges to a Traditional Data Platform Today!

Astute helps you identify and overcome these challenges, and enable you to derive more value from your data.

Choosing the Right Data Platform Services

If you are on the lookout for Modern Data Platform services, there are a few things that you have to ensure before investing.

Astute professionals can help you choose the right data platform services based on your unique business requirements. However, for your benefit, let us tell you the few most important parameters anyone should look for in a modern data platform:

Unified, up-to-date data

In order to provide a unified and stellar customer experience, modern applications and analytics need to combine multiple data types and sources.

Versatility and adaptability

Reinventing data platforms every time your business requirements evolve makes your working process quite rigid and filled with friction to growth. Eliminate such a bottleneck by choosing a data platform that has the ability to keep up with your business needs.

Support for third-party and open-source capabilities:

Every business is different and so are its requirements. Data platform services should not hold you back from leveraging third-party and open-source integrations.

A wider data ecosystem will support your organization’s needs more deeply and enable you to integrate these capabilities without any business disruptions.

Integration of AI and ML

Any modern data platform must be able to provide the organization with the ability to develop its own AI and ML techniques to provide better analytics for decision-makers.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

If you struggle with keeping the cost investments down, look for data platform services that operate on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. It will help you model your investments based on customer demand.

Interested to Know More About Oracle Modern Data Platform?

Our professionals understand your business needs and offer the most suitable solutions for you. Get a customized roadmap as per your goals today !

What you can expect

Business Outcomes

By implementing Oracle Modern Data Platform, you will be supporting your entire data stack with enhanced technology for businesses of all sizes.
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Here is a a list of everything you can achieve with Oracle Modern Data Platform:

A complete, open, modular, and integrated data platform

Complete suite of services that supports the entire data stack:

  • Data integration
  • Data Warehouse
  • Big Data and Data Lake
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Analytics

Meets you where you are with flexible deployment options:

  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Multi-cloud
  • Dedicated cloud
  • On-premises

Streamlined business operations with a consolidated data infrastructure.

Data-driven decision making and improved customer experience.

The Astute Advantage

Astute business solutions can help you deploy the modern data platform with the least possible business disruptions. We can also help you zero down to specific requirements of your business that can enhance the business outcomes significantly.

We are an Oracle certified solutions partner and help businesses across the world streamline their operations, manage their data efficiently and migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and much more.

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Astute Business Solutions has a team of highly qualified experts with years of knowledge on what works best for businbesses. Drive enhanced business outcomes with Astute starting today!
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