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    Eliminating Financial Barriers and Accelerating Cloud Migration

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    Moving to the Cloud is Costly

    While the benefits of migrating to the Cloud are clear, customers are left to fend for themselves when it comes to migrating Oracle applications, databases, and infrastructure to OCI. With this there are challenges: 

    • Manual and effort-intensive

    • Costly with frequent budget increases

    • Inefficient manual steps

    • Risk and change impacts


    Automate and Accelerate Your Cloud Migration 

    Based on vast experience with Oracle PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner, and Disaster Recovery, Astute has a Zero Cost Migration Solution to help you plan, analyze, migrate, integrate, validate, and manage your business-critical applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. By including Astute's Managed Services for maintenance and support, you can focus on delivering value-added solutions and services to your clients. Zero Cost Migration delivers:

    • Fast, automated migration of PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner to OCI with Disaster Recovery

    • Migration from any major physical, virtualized or cloud-based workload using Rackware RMM

    • 100% automation for OCI implementation with Terraform 

    • Seamless transition from migration to a steady-state Managed Service model


    Predictable Cloud Results 

    Zero Cost Migration delivers business value by migrating all the necessary elements of your enterprise applications to Oracle Cloud in a short window of time with minimal disruption and reduced risk.  

    • Production, Non-Production, and Disaster Recovery

    • Disaster Recovery and Backup

    • Advanced Cloud Monitoring

    • 24x7 Support 


    Automated and Standardized with Proven Methods

    Zero Cost Migration is not just a buzz phrase but a model that we believe in, and that is supported by automation, standardization, best practices, proven solutions, customer references, and trusted partner solutions. Our culture is built on engaging with and investing in our customers' success from the very beginning. During the onset of the engagement, we'll help you select the best Cloud Solution to deliver a predictable and efficient Managed Service that gives you peace of mind. A Zero Cost Migration to Oracle Cloud includes:

    • Cloud Workshops to assess, strategize and plan your migration

    • Cloud Migration automation powered by Rackware RMM and Terraform scripts

    • Cloud Managed Services to maintain, update, secure. and monitor your workloads

    • Ongoing services to help you extend into Cloud as business needs arise


    Move with Confidence

    With a Zero Cost Migration to Oracle Cloud, you'll be reaping the benefits of Cloud sooner rather than later. You'll be able to stay focused on business-critical and revenue-generating activities while we make the process as painless as possible. Zero Cost Migration offers:

    • Reduced overhead costs

    • An on-time and within a budget completion

    • Proven and repeatable solutions

    • Gets you out of the data center business


    Accelerate Cloud Migrations

    By leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation and tooling, IT teams now focus more time on creating solutions that matter, and in enabling their businesses to be competitive. As part of a comprehensive Managed Service on OCI, Astute manages security, performance, compliance, monitoring, disaster recovery, change management, patching, and maintenance activities, freeing your teams to be creative and innovative on Cloud. 

    • Respond faster to business needs

    • Spend more time innovating, less time operating

    • Accelerate time to market

    • Shorten deployment cycles

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    Designed to Help You Succeed on Oracle Cloud


    Investing in your long-term success and aligning with your business objectives is important to your success. Let Astute help you migrate to Oracle Cloud so that you can stay focused on our core mission and revenue-generating activities. 

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    Deploy workloads in days and weeks

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    100% Automation for Cloud Migration

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    To latest Application, DB and OS

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    Performance and Security


    Eliminate Barriers and Accelerate Your Journey to Oracle Cloud

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    We know it sounds too good to be true, so we have put some of the most commonly asked questions in an FAQ to get you started. 

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    Hear from your peers in the industry and the Oracle customer community to learn how they transformed their business by migrating PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner to Oracle Cloud. 

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    We believe and have proven that Oracle applications, databases, and technologies run better on OCI than on any other Cloud, public or private. Read the 10 reasons why!