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Health Check Assessment For PeopleSoft ERP


Astute's PeopleSoft Health Check

Astute Business Solutions is pleased to submit our proposal to Healthcare Client (“Healthcare Client” and “Client”) for a PeopleSoft 9.2 Re-Implementation Assessment (“The Assessment”) services. In several meetings with Healthcare Client over the phone, Astute Business Solutions has obtained a high level understanding of Healthcare Client’s business requirements and has reflected those needs in our proposal. Astute has also taken into consideration its vast experience in helping clients implement PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain management solutions to international organizations and brought forth that experience into the contents of this proposal. Astute has developed this proposal based on our expertise and experience in PeopleSoft and our successful PeopleSoft re-implementation readiness assessments and our deep expertise in PeopleSoft re-implementation projects.


Assessment For Peoplesoft Implementation

Astute's Health Check Assessment provides an outside perspective to clients who are interested in aligning IT goals with business objectives and who want to deliver value-added solutions as part of an re-implementation.

The main objectives of a Health Check are:

Business Needs Analysis:
Analyze what underlying strategic and tactical business goals and objectives are driving the development of the re-implementation and re-implementation efforts, including whether executive sponsorship and funding are available. Analyze recommendations made by the Healthcare Client on business process changes aimed at improving organizational efficiency in the areas of procurement, finance and supply chain.

Organizational Analysis:
Analyze the existing business and technical organizational structures including the level of IT/business partnering in place, the organization's culture and leadership style, its understanding of business intelligence concepts, whether roles and responsibilities have been established, and whether people with the appropriate amount of time and skills are in place.

Technical Analysis:
Analyze whether the appropriate technical implementation details of the current PeopleSoft FSCM V9.2 application, understand the level of customization and gather documentation and information from Healthcare Client IT and Business to further qualify and define existing customizations


Our Process

PeopleSoft Health Check Assessment – A Strategic Approach

The Health Check is designed to be non-intrusive, non-disruptive, and comes supplemented with templates and scripts designed to quickly obtain the necessary information about your current Oracle or PeopleSoft systems.


Our Understanding of Your Needs

Healthcare Client has decided to move forward with the a pilot for the Health Check Assessment for Asset Life Cycle Management, including Maintenance Management

  • Business Process analysis
  • Configuration & Integration Overviews
  • Best Practice & Practical Practice vs. Current Practice
  • Provide a change magnitude estimate for the entire PS 9.2 re-implementation
  • Evaluate integrations and the availability at point of entry
  • Define those factors outside the PeopleSoft application which limit productivity in the current business architecture.
  • Have a forward looking view with PeopleSoft 9.2 in mind and make recommendations in a format that Healthcare Client can take back to the broader Finance & Supply Chain business partners to demonstrate HealthCheck value.

Outcomes That You Can Leverage

By going through The Assessment with Astute, you will obtain the following key advantages:

  1. Prioritized set of recommendations that helps you meet your business objectives
  2. High level risk assessment that you and use to mitigate project risks
  3. Estimates for timeline, effort and costs of implementation along with internal and external resource needs

What You Can Expect


Astute’s Assessment will provide the following deliverables.

Implementation Roadmap

The Implementation Roadmap deliverable will include a review of the proposed business process changes and improvements in the context of 9.2 Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) functionality

  • Proposed timeline and costs for PeopleSoft V9.2
  • Dependencies, risk and success factors for each option
  • Illustration of current state and future state business processes
  • Pros and Cons of each approach along with Astute’s recommendations for the preferred approach

Summary Fit-Gap Analysis

The summary fit-gap analysis report shall contain:

  • Summary report of fit and gap for all in-scope functionality
  • Recommendations for addressing gaps or dealing with impact of de-customization
  • Suggestions on how to deal with customizations that cannot be entirely eliminated
  • Recommendations on how to do more with OOTB functionality in PeopleSoft 9.2

Integration Profile

The integration profile document will describe how modules interact with Oracle and outline current integration data needs, gaps, and data elements received


Statutory and Regulatory Reporting

As part of The Assessment, Astute shall review Healthcare Client’s needs for statutory and regulatory reporting needs for compliance, statutory, and regulatory filings. The processes for reporting generation, assembly, and delivery will be documented and suggestions to move towards ‘push-button’ reporting delivered.


Astute’s 4-week Health check is carefully planned

  • Business Process Workshops aimed at discussing objectives of the engagement and goals.
  • Examining the PeopleSoft Implementation and the business calendar.
  • A summary fit-gap analysis and addressing data conversion and integration needs.
  • Scheduling the deliverables and wrapping up the project.

Be aligned with the needs of
the future.

Astute’s Healthcheck assessment helps organizations evolve with changing technology and business conditions.


Our Focus

Assessment Focus Areas

Astute has built a leadership position in Oracle Cloud migrations for PeopleSoft customers with repeatable processes, agile methodologies, automation tools, and best practices. Use our experience to plan and execute your next cloud project.

Functional Challenges

  • Business needs to design to configuration– map
  • Configuration validation and testing
  • Are OOTB features being leveraged to solve problems

Technical Challenges

  • Data - data quality, data volume, data integration
  • Development - pain points – design to dev to test to production
  • Architecture – performance, scalability, stability

Organizational Needs

  • Planning and Readiness
  • Change Management, training and communication
  • Contingency plan, risk mitigation plan
  • Handling post go-live issues

Getting to know you


We sit down with you and understand your business requirements

Discovery 5 Days

Workshops led by Astute team using discovery questionnaires to review various aspects of your current implementation

WHO: Astute SMEs, Client PM and Project Leads, Client Business Stakeholders and SMEs

WHAT: Current Project Status and Plan, Issue Log, P{ain Points, Deviation from Standards and Best Practices, Implementation Documentation led by Astute team using discovery questionnaires to review various aspects of your current implementation

Review – 5 Days

Analysis of information obtained and synthesis into scope definition and project goals

WHO: Astute Team

WHAT: Create analysis reports

Understanding you

Analysis and Report

Analyzing the issues to be resolved

Analysis – 5-10 Days

  • Deep dive of project critical issues or pain points
  • High level analysis of all other project pain points

Report - 5 Days

Prepare Assessment Reports

Review analysis, benchmark against best practices, prepare report with findings and prioritized recommendations

WHO: Astute Consultant(s)

Present Report

Discuss findings, recommendations and next steps

WHO: Entire team


End Result

PeopleSoft Health Check Outcomes

A properly planned strategy reaps great results
    • Application roadmap taking into account your business calendar, dependencies, resources, risks, etc. Clear and rational supporting points
    • Detailed analysis of top conversion, integration, configuration, development, testing and training issues
    • Comparison of V9.1 vs V9.2, PeopleTools versions, patch/fix versions and environment details that drive a successful outcome
    • Initial Effort and Costs estimates broken down by phase, by milestone – based on your business needs analysis.
    Implementation RoadmapAnd Plan
    Issue Analysis And Solutions
    Solution Options
    Effort And Cost Estimate

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