Database Upgrade Services

Achieve enhanced business outcomes by upgrading to Oracle database 19c or 23c. Astute professionals help you ace a functional and beneficial database upgrade.


Business drivers for an upgrade

Many businesses have concerns regarding updating their Oracle Database. They feel that their older systems are working just fine or that they won’t be able to fit the expenses of a database update within their budget or they simply don’t have the time.

With professional expertise from Astute Business Solutions, you can rest assured that we will be addressing all your concerns while providing you with a beneficial service that helps you sustain your business’s growing demands.

Upgrade with Oracle Databases to:

  • Enhance data security:
    Automated security and security patches with zero downtime. Database upgrades can help businesses increase their data security.
  • Innovative capabilities:
    Building modern data-driven applications is less complex with an Oracle database upgrade that provides complete support for all modern data types, workloads, and development styles.
  • Easy migration to the cloud:
    Migrate with zero downtime with reduced costs.


Oracle Database Upgrade for You

Are you looking for a resource that can help you manage a high volume of data with fewer resources? Oracle database upgrade can provide you the technical agility to achieve that. Not deploying a database upgrade also offers a few other issues that can be easily resolved with a database upgrade.

Business Drivers to Upgrade

Business drivers to upgrade to Oracle Database 19c :
  • Automatic indexing: A key feature of 19c is its ability to execute automatic indexing. Database indexes enhance the speed with which databases query and fetch data.
  • Oracle Data Guard Improvements: Oracle’s data guard comes with a few improvements in 19c including the ability to dynamically change the data guard’s standby database for fast-start failover. Easier management of database parameters with Oracle’s SQL*Plus utility, support for data manipulation language redirection in active data guard, and much more.
  • User-friendly enhancements: Making the interface more accessible even for users with low coding knowledge and streamlining the connection.
  • Additional free features: Oracle has made several formerly paid features available free of cost with the 19c upgrade such as up to 16 gigabytes of in-memory storage without purchasing the in-memory option.
  • SQL quarantines: Oracle database 19c will automatically kill resource-heavy SQL queries to prevent it from executing again.
Business drivers to upgrade to 23c:
  • Support to innovate with AI: The Oracle Database’s AI has expanded to add support for AI vector search within the database.
  • Making the developer’s journey simpler: Oracle database 23c has made several improvements to the developer’s journey by improving their SQL layer. The update also features an extension in JSON capabilities and several other developer improvements.
  • Database Security: A new version of SQL Firewall directly into the database.
  • High availability: Several new enhancements to make the database more resilient and easily accessible.

Upgrade the Astute way

Astute’s Oracle database upgrade service equips you and your working infrastructure with all the necessary knowledge to safeguard you from potential vulnerabilities and new features to help you gain a competitive gain in the industry.

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