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    Introducing intelligent document processing with AstuteAP

    Transforming Accounts Payable with AstuteAP

    Welcome to our latest webinar recap where we explore the innovative world of Intelligent Document...

    Exiting the Data Center - A Migration Guide

    Arvind Rajan, CEO of Astute Business Solutions, discusses the challenges of managing a data center...

    Is AI In the Future of Your Applications

    Arvind Rajan presents a webinar on the topic of AI and its impact on businesses. He emphasizes that...

    Mastering EXADATA for a smooth transition to OCI

    Arvind Rajan and Varinder Aurora discuss the possibilities and benefits of Oracle Exadata. They...

    Unlocking the Potential of OCVS

    Joe Finlinson introduces the topic of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) and discusses the...

    Back Office Evolution: Modernizing ERP Systems

    PeopleSoft Innovator: Gallaudet University on OCI

    Kibana and Open Search Dashboards for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS)

    Astute Business Solutions emerges as a beacon of innovation, particularly with their latest...
    Kibana and Open Search Dashboards for FSCM

    Kibana and Open Search Dashboards for FSCM

    Introducing PeopleSoft's Kibana and Open Search Dashboards for FSCM Customers In today's rapidly...
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