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    Eliminate Business Continuity Risks with Disaster Recovery on Oracle Cloud

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    Traditional Disaster Recovery solutions require you to invest in and maintain a mirrored copy of your production system, which could be cost-prohibitive for customers, especially in these trying times. Traditional Disaster Recovery solutions are characterized by: 

    • High upfront and ongoing costs

    • Hard to maintain and test

    • Wasted capacity 

    • Hardware refresh


    Oracle Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the best price/performance ratio for Disaster Recovery solutions, not just for Oracle workloads, but for general-purpose Linux and Windows-based workloads as well. Customers can implement a fully tested solution on OCI that is 50% less expensive than comparable on-premise solutions, is 100% automated to maintain and test, and is secure and audit compliant. 

    • Rapid implementation using Oracle Cloud automation and tooling

    • Automated database sync using Active Data Guard on Oracle Database Cloud Service

    • Multiple RPO/RTO options give enterprises control over availability vs. cost

    • Pre-provisioned resources are launched in minutes to ensure rapid recovery when a disaster occurs

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    Business Continuity 

    Astute's Disaster Recovery Solution is designed to reduce risk and improve business continuity when disaster strikes. Our solution delivers:

    • PeopleSoft DR on OCI

    • Ellucian Banner DR on OCI

    • Oracle Database DR on OCI

    • Non-Oracle Apps DR on OCI


    Disaster Recovery Automation Powered by RackWare

    Astute has partnered with RackWare to deliver a completely automated DR solution on Oracle Cloud. Using a single management platform that supports multiple clouds and hybrid deployment scenarios, we support all applications and all data configurations without any application rewrites, for every physical, virtual, and Cloud environment. 

    • Flexible RPO/RTO options tailored to business needs and cost objectives

    • Push-button DR testing reduces cost and labor by up to 80%

    • Dynamic provisioning lowers cost by provisioning servers on time at the DR event

    • Selective sync for policy-driven replication and prioritization 

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    Business Continuity Assurance

    With Disaster Recovery on Oracle Cloud, customers are assured that even with multiple failures, their systems will survive on Cloud.   

    • Fractional cost of traditional Disaster Recovery systems

    • Multi-Region, Multi-Availability Domain, Fault-Tolerant system

    • An automated solution that eliminates human error and risk

    • Annual Disaster Recovery Test is included 


    Extreme Automation with Autonomous Managed Services

    Disaster Recovery combines extreme automation with autonomous managed services to ensure that your standby systems are always available when you need them. Based on Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the solution ensures that your applications are secure, available, and easy to turn on when needed. 

    • Multi-Region, Multi-Availability Domain, Fault-Tolerant system on OCI with Infrastructure SLA

    • A robust solution with Validated Solution Architecture for PeopleSoft and other applications

    • Failover and failback solutions with Rackware, automated patching to keep in sync with production

    • Automated sync management and maintenance

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    Designed To Help You Succeed On Oracle Cloud


    With our proven methods and a completely automated Disaster Recovery Solution, you can confidently execute a Disaster Recovery strategy on Oracle Cloud YOUR way.

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    Using Rackware RMM and DR 

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    Cost Savings

    50% less than on-premise DR

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    One Week Deployment

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    Proven for Oracle and Non-Oracle apps


    Prepare and Execute your Disaster Recovery on OCI

    Questions about Zero Cost Disaster Recovery


    We know it sounds too good to be true, so we have put some of the most commonly asked questions in an FAQ to get you started. 

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    Hear from your peers in the industry and the Oracle customer community and learn how they transformed by migrating PeopleSoft and Ellucian Banner to Oracle Cloud. 

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    Disaster Recovery


    Avoid costly setbacks with a fully managed Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, be agile with automated testing and maintenance,  and run 24x7 uninterrupted operations on Oracle Cloud. 

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