Oracle DBA as a service

Oracle-certified professionals from Astute will deliver an innovative Oracle Database Administration (DBA) as a Service focused on enhancing Oracle Cloud databases to take them a notch higher than being operational, extracting high performance, robust security, and scalable growth.


Making Sense Of AS A Service

Effective management and optimization of Oracle Cloud Databases is key for business success in today’s world. Astute comprises a strong team of Oracle-certified professionals who bring years of expertise to the table. We have extensive experience in fine-tuning Oracle cloud databases to meet specific business requirements.

Do You Need Oracle Database Administration Services?

Database administration services empower businesses with the expertise of professional database administrative services based on need. The benefits of Oracle Database Administration Services are as follows:

Maximize your ROI from Oracle databases by paying according to your requirements.

Increased flexibility
Oracle DBA as a service enables you to scale up or down as per your concerns.

Improved performance and security
Optimize your database for improved performance and enhanced security.

Reduced downtime
Don’t let your valuable workloads be affected by downtime, our DBA experts help you prevent and troubleshoot database issues before they become critical.

Focus on running your business
Knowing that your database is in good hands will give you assurance that will enable you to enhance your business outcomes.


Service highlights

Why You Should Get Oracle DBA as a Service From Astute?


Comprehensive Database Management
Astute’s service offerings cover all aspects of database management, including routine maintenance tasks, fine-tuning for higher performance, enhancing the security of the system, and planning backup and recovery.

Advanced Performance Optimization
Astute uses the latest tools and techniques to ensure that you receive the maximal performance you can get through Oracle databases by optimizing performance and handling workloads efficiently.

Proactive Security and Compliance
We know that data security is paramount, which is why Astute provides a more holistic way to ensure database security, leveraging the latest patches and updates to safeguard against vulnerabilities that could cause business disruptions.

Continuous Monitoring and Support
Astute provides collaborative support for your databases till the end. We identify and resolve issues swiftly by minimizing downtime and maintaining seamless database operations.


Database Administration (DBA) as a Service

With our experience of handling various clients over the years, we have perfected and streamlined our approach to delivering Oracle Database Administrative services. We maintain crystal-clear communication with our clients throughout the journey so that they know the exact set of deliverables. Our approach follows the below-mentioned steps:

Initial assessment
We begin the project with an in-depth assessment of your current Oracle Cloud database working infrastructure to identify the areas in which we could help you improve.

Customized Strategy Development
Astute professionals develop a tailored strategy that aligns with specific business goals and database requirements.

Implementation and Management
Seamless deployment of the strategy, and management of all aspects of your Oracle Cloud Databases, from performance tuning to security management.

Ongoing support and optimization
After consistent monitoring and fine-tuning of your databases, we provide ongoing support to ensure that our strategies are meeting evolving business needs and technological advancements.

Automated patch management
Focus on running your business and enhancing business outcomes as you enjoy automated patch management that ensures compliance with evolving security standards.

Database Upgrade and Migration
We also offer database migration and upgrades as per your requirements.

Performance monitoring and Optimization
We also ensure that we check that the updates do not adversely affect the functionality.

24x7 Expert Support and Consultation
Gain access to experts and consultants who can assist you with guidance regarding the service.

Grow your business with complete peace of mind, experts at Astute will handle your databases most cost-effectively and smartly.

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