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Large Scale Migration to OCI

Also called Data Center Exit, we at Astute Business Solutions believe that this approach to cloud adoption will bring you the greatest savings and return on investment.

Challenges that Data Center Exit Addresses

Transitioning from traditional data centers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) addresses four key challenges: economically meeting demand fluctuations, reducing costs and improving profitability, accelerating time to market and growth, and adhering to regulatory requirements. By providing scalable, cost-efficient cloud solutions, OCI allows businesses to swiftly adjust to changing demands, significantly cuts overheads, and streamlines IT processes for faster market delivery. In addition, OCI's stringent data protection measures and region-specific data centers aid businesses in meeting rigorous regulatory and data residency requirements, thereby facilitating overall business growth and compliance.

Economically meet demand fluctuations

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is designed to adapt to your business's variable demands, providing an economically viable solution for fluctuating needs. With its pay-as-you-go pricing model and scalable resources, OCI ensures that you only pay for what you use, enabling you to efficiently manage costs during peak and off-peak times without risking overcommitment or costly downtime.

Reduce costs and improve profitability

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), businesses can realize substantial cost savings and enhanced profitability by eliminating unforeseen data center expenses and reducing overheads. OCI provides transparent, easy-to-understand billing, and its robust cost management tools enable organizations to gain a clear understanding of their costs, enabling strategic decision making and effective resource allocation that keeps your focus on profitable activities.

Faster time to market and growth

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can drastically reduce the time it takes to bring products and features to market by simplifying and accelerating IT processes. With support for multiple applications and technology stacks, including significant workloads on VMware, and by eliminating the need for extensive hardware administration, OCI frees your team to focus on innovation and growth, rather than being tied down by routine IT tasks.

Meet regulatory requirements

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built with an intrinsic focus on compliance and data residency, making it an ideal solution for organizations that must adhere to strict regulatory requirements. Not only does OCI offer robust data protection and privacy features, but its global presence with region-specific data centers helps ensure data residency needs are met, further bolstering its commitment to regulatory compliance and sustainability initiatives.


Exploring Further

Taking a deeper look at Data Center Exit to OCI

Dive into the 'Migration Strategies' and 'Success Metrics' to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Data Center Exit to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) journey.

Migration Strategies

Migration Strategies offer a roadmap for transitioning from traditional data centers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, outlining the critical steps to ensure a smooth and successful move. These strategies, tailored to your organization's unique needs, aim to minimize downtime, reduce risks, and maximize the benefits of the cloud environment.

Rehosting (“Lift & Shift”)

Applications are moved from the existing environment to the cloud with minimal changes. This strategy is quick and non-disruptive but may not fully leverage the advantages of the cloud environment.


Applications are moved to the cloud with some level of modification to leverage the benefits of cloud-native features, such as scalability and resilience.


This strategy involves making significant changes to the application to take full advantage of cloud-native features and capabilities. While this method is the most time-consuming and complex, it can lead to better performance, scalability, and cost savings in the long run.


This strategy involves moving to a different product that's already cloud-based. It's sometimes referred to as "drop and shop." While this approach can require significant change, it can be a good opportunity to update outdated software and streamline processes.

Success Metrics

Success Metrics provide quantifiable benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of your transition from a data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. These metrics cover various aspects of the transition including cost efficiency, performance improvement, scalability, and regulatory compliance, offering a clear view of your achievement towards business and IT objectives.

Cost Savings

This is one of the most tangible metrics, reflecting the direct savings achieved by moving to the cloud. It includes reduction in infrastructure costs, operational expenses, and cost efficiencies gained through the scalable nature of cloud services.

Operational Efficiency

This metric tracks the improvements in business processes and workflows, such as reduced time to market, increased productivity, and the ability to focus more on core business tasks rather than IT infrastructure management.

Performance Improvement

This measures the enhancement in application performance, including speed, reliability, and uptime. It can also track the scalability of applications to handle peak loads.

Regulatory Compliance

This metric is particularly important for organizations in heavily regulated industries. Success can be measured by the organization's ability to meet all data protection, privacy, and other regulatory requirements, while benefiting from the cloud's security features.

Why Should You Perform a Data Center Exit?

Data Center Exit Uses


Scale for Existing Applications

Businesses have seen unpredictable growth as well as loss associated with changing demands.

Even though you know customers want a consistent experience, it is overwhelming to provide that through unprecedented demand cycles.

By a data center exit, you can automatically scale and tune in on a comprehensive platform . You can migrate traditional and cloud-native workloads, even older applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Cost Optimization

Estimating costs as a growing business is difficult. If you apply to the discount program, you have to make predictions for the upcoming year (or three).

The actual usage where you had to pay on-demand are usually much higher than what you agreed to pay in the beginning.

OCI offers lower and more predictable pricing when compared to other cloud providers that can charge significantly more.

Transparent costs upfront to help you plan better in advance.


Reduced Complexity

You might have multiple applications and scattered data. The thought of moving all of them to the cloud might be intimidating.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the fastest path to the cloud. It allows you to retain your architecture, eliminate extensive refactoring and modernize with cloud services as per your requirements.


Navigating Global Regulations

One fundamental aspect of scaling your business is being able to navigate global regulations to expand your business across new markets and geographies. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps you meet several regulations, support data privacy and sustainability concerns and much more quickly.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is compliant with 80+ compliance programs worldwide. The OCI distributed cloud provides regulatory solutions like no other provider.

Leverage the Benefits of the World’s Fastest Growing Data Center with OCI

Astute helps you perform a smooth and seamless data center exit.

Benefits of Data Center Exit to Cloud

Reaping the Rewards: The Comprehensive Benefits of Data Center Exit to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Exploring the Operational and Financial Advantages of Transitioning to OCI

Operational Benefits

Operational Excellence: Leveraging OCI for Enhanced Business Efficiency

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) propels operational excellence by offering scalable resources, enhancing overall efficiency, and accelerating time-to-market. By taking over routine infrastructure management tasks, it allows businesses to focus on strategic initiatives and core competencies. In addition, OCI's comprehensive cloud capabilities enable rapid application development, testing, and deployment, significantly shrinking the timeline from idea to execution.

  • Scalability: OCI provides on-demand, scalable resources that adjust to your business needs, facilitating seamless operations during both peak and off-peak periods.
  • Improved Efficiency: By managing infrastructure tasks such as maintenance, updates, and hardware provisioning, OCI allows your teams to focus on strategic initiatives and core business functions.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: With OCI's robust cloud features, businesses can develop, test, and deploy applications faster, significantly reducing the time-to-market.

Financial Benefits

Financial Optimization: Unleashing Cost Savings and ROI with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Transitioning to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) unlocks significant financial benefits, including cost savings, predictable spending, and increased return on investment. By eliminating the need for on-premises hardware and reducing overhead costs, OCI allows businesses to redirect their resources toward growth initiatives. Its clear, transparent billing and pay-as-you-go model make budget management more predictable, while improved operational efficiency drives a substantial return on investment over time.

  • Cost Savings: Transitioning to OCI can lead to significant cost savings by eliminating the need for on-premises hardware, reducing overhead costs, and offering a pay-as-you-go pricing model that matches your usage.
  • Predictable Spending: OCI provides clear, transparent billing, which makes it easier to predict spending and manage budgets effectively.
  • Return on Investment: The combination of reduced costs and improved operational efficiency can result in a substantial return on investment over time.

Real-time case studies

Customer Success Stories

Support Customer Demand

Make your working infrastructure resilient enough to handle changing customer demands.

OCI is the best place for you because it empowers you with the ability to readily migrate your applications without additional time or costs to refactor or rearchitecture.

Guitar Center saved $1.5M by supporting customer demand

Guitar Centre moved its core systems to OCI to achieve a flexible working infrastructure that adjusts as per customer demand quickly.

Increase cost savings

OCI provides superior flexibility and scalability as compared to other cloud service providers. Customers consider Oracle Cloud to be the most flexible platform that also provides complete control of data.

Other service providers either don’t have the extended functionalities or come with limitations. One major factor that encourages them to make this move is that OCI has a transparent pricing system.

8x8 achieves 80% cost savings by moving to OCI

8x8 chose OCI for increased cost-savings across compute, network transfer, and storage. The organization also expanded its global footprint and met growing demands worldwide.

The company was able to save 80%of the network egress costs.

Minimize Business Disruptions

OCI supports growing needs and accommodates changes quickly. Moving to OCI comes with no application refactoring and rearchitecturing costs. Move your applications as is, however you want.

Uber drives innovation while reducing costs

Uber chose Oracle as the idal platform to optimize costs and enhance performance with increased flexibility and security.

They have recognized OCI’s ability to enhance customer service and build new applications that drive a rich experience. This has helped them increase profitability across their services.


Make your data truly yours

Where Does a Data Center Exit Lead You?

Data Centre Exit to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage Oracle’s vast digital footprint geologically and comprehensive set of functionalities by moving to OracleCloud Infrastructure.

It provides flexibility, complete control over your data, and many more features. But if not, there is another way to reap the benefits of data center exit.

Data Centre Exit to a co-location or a hosting facility

We understand your need to retain control of hardware, applications and data, but the need to exit your facility.

You can move to a co-location or a hosting facility easily. We also help you optimize your Oracle Estate by database consolidation into Exadata or Exadata Cloud@customer.

Worried About The Complexity of Moving Your Data Center?

Astute can help you reap the benefits of a smooth, seamless and secure data center exit.


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