Why Should You Choose Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

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    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution presents itself as a VMware-based cloud environment that is native, user-managed and offers complete control to users by allowing them to use familiar VMware tools.

    Utilizing familiar VMware tools facilitates a seamless migration, extension, and the ability to operate VMware-based workloads on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) without rearchitecting applications.

    The VMware-based environment on OCI enables customers to generate high value from system performance, operational agility, flexibility, complete control, and cost- savings.

    Distinctive features of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS)

    1. Seamless workload deployment

    Migrate your VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) seamlessly without any modification. This transition provides customers with enhanced scalability and agility while maintaining consistency with your existing VMware-based tools, processes, and policies.

    Move applications to OCI without any changes and then leverage OCI’s Services such as Oracle Autonomous Database or chatbots to modernize applications according to your schedule.

    OCVS is a VMware cloud-verified solution that enables VMware workloads to run on high-performance server processors on enterprise applications.

    The solution also provides robust disaster recovery options so you can easily replicate or back up your data to any region.

    2. Integration with Oracle Cloud Services

    Leverage OCI services such as :

    • Containers and microservices - Modernize all or parts of the application stacks with native access to Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and for Functions.
    • Cloud Database Management - Gain access to a diverse range of cloud databases including Oracle Exadata, Oracle autonomous data warehouse, Oracle Autonomous transaction processing, Oracle NoSQL Database, and more.
    • Bare metal or virtual machine (VM) GPUs - Effortlessly deploy robust business analytics and data science capabilities.
    • E3 flexible shapes - Specify the exact number of cores ranging from 1 to 64 OCPUs. You can easily handle high-performance workloads with the most powerful Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA-based bare metal machines available.
    • OCI FastConnect - Experience fast, reliable, and secure networking tailored for performance-sensitive applications such as online transaction processing (OLTP), high-performance computing (HPC), and real-time streaming. FastConnect provides low-cost, private connectivity to on-premises servers.
    • Variety of storage options including cloud base block, object, file, archive, and local NVMe storage.
    3. Integrate with VMware Solutions
    • Site recovery manager for easy disaster recovery - Enables swift recovery time and operates as native integration with VMware vSphere Replication.
    • vRealize- For you to plan, optimize, and scale OCVS with unified visibility across the hybrid cloud.
    • VMware Tanzu- Products and services to modernize applications and infrastructure for delivering better software to production faster.
    • vRealize Network and Log Insight - An optimized, highly available, and secure network across your virtual cloud network.
    • Horizon virtual desktop support - Easily extend desktop services in the cloud and eliminate hefty expenses on capital costs.
    • vRealize Automation - Deliver Infrastructure as a service

    Other distinctive features include

    • Lowest price per core, scalable compute ranges from 16 to 128 cores
    • Globally consistent pricing in 46 regions with 12 Azure interconnect and 10 dual regions
    • Complete customer control along with access to root access.
    • Independently patch, upgrade, or update your VMware environments

    OCVS Make your working infrastructure functional and robust

    Skip the hassle of time-consuming migration processes and on-premise workload challenges with OCVS

    Use cases

    • Data Centre Exit - Easily shift all on-premises VMware workloads to the cloud to decommission data centers. This is driven by the need for enhanced scalability, reduced costs, and increased agility.
    • Disaster Recovery - As growing businesses need robust disaster recovery options with minimal restore time, OCVS enables users to minimize downtime and data loss.
      With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, you can create a new DR site in the cloud or move an existing DR site to the cloud.
    • Capacity Expansion - Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) ensures scaling up technology resources to ensure effective operation and adaptability to evolving needs. Users can easily transfer some on-premises VMware workloads or execute new workloads on the cloud conveniently.

    Success Stories

    Leading organizations have seen immense growth after moving their workloads to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

    Prophecy International - Cybersecurity and business intelligence software provider

    Seeking a high cost-benefit ratio solution led Prophecy to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution from their earlier infrastructure based on AWS. They were looking to modernize their systems for agility and security.

    Prophecy wanted its employees to easily work form anywhere and access the resources they need. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution helped them overcome challenges such as lengthy downtime, rearchitecturing, and non-scalable systems. They also wanted to keep using the company’s established practices.

    Prophecy has realized up to 40% cost savings, improved the backup speed and restore speed by 10-12 times, and achieved much more.

    AYA Bank - Private sector bank

    AYA bank was struggling with hard-to-scale IT infrastructure and was looking for an on-premise environment that is secure provides superior user experience, and offers good control.

    The bank wanted to continue running its environment with the same tools and user experience requiring no retraining. Using Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to deploy new environments instead of scaling legacy on-premises infrastructure has reduced AYA Bank’s TCO by 55%.

    Witness exponential growth with OCVS

    Planning your VMware strategy takes just 15 minutes.


    While most organizations hesitate to migrate their workloads to the cloud due to heavy rearchitecting, refactoring, and retraining, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution presents a reliable and globally consistent solution.

    It comes with the legacy of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and several organizations have seen success owing to the deployment already. It covers a wide range of use cases and offers a good competitive advantage over other cloud service providers.

    In conclusion, we encourage you to explore your option of OCVS deployment for your organization.

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