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    Understanding the Security Implications of VMware to Cloud Migration

    Moving enterprise IT infrastructure from on-premise to cloud is a growing trend among businesses. Cloud migration helps with multiple benefits and improvements in terms of scalability, agility, security, and cost-effectiveness. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is one of the best choices among businesses for maintaining and securing the VMware ecosystem. In this blog, we will discover the challenges of VMware to Cloud Migration and how to overcome them with OCI.

    Benefits of VMWare to Cloud Migration

    82% of enterprises aim to migrate all suitable applications from on-premises data centers to the cloud platform. According to the graph of three years, 37% of applications are going to be deployed within this time period. As compared to data centers, there will be a 4% increase with the public cloud. Let’s discover some more statistics here.

    • Enhanced Security and compliance - 47%
    • Agility and Innovation - 52%
    • Scalability and Flexibility - 53%
    • Cost saving - 59%
    • Remote Workforce support - 39%

    Want To Migrate VMWare Workloads?

    Migrate to cloud platforms like Oracle because it gives businesses a competitive edge with its advanced security solutions to protect and manage workloads effectively.

    Cloud Migration Security Concerns and Its Solution

    Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or GCP, all of them retain the root credentials and metadata perpetually. However, Oracle has no access to root credentials or metadata; it gives all the power to its customers. Let’s discover more security concerns during VMWare to Cloud migration.

    • Problem 1: Cross-site networking and security issues cause a delay in the process of VMware to Cloud migration.

    • Solution: According to 71% of respondents, Oracle Cloud VMware Solutions improves the security in the cloud. It enhances the security features and protects the workload from cyber attacks. OCVS helps customers move their VMware environments to the public cloud on a global scale with existing practices for IT operations in a secure manner.

    • Problem 2: During VMWare to Cloud migration, customers need complete control over their environment security. They don’t want to allow unauthorized parties, including cloud providers, to access their data, view configurations, or control the operations.

    • Solution: The security-first design architecture of Oracle Cloud minimizes the risk. It makes use of built-in tenant isolation, least privilege access, and data encryption at rest. There is no “managed service” security concern, and access is completely private or in the hands of the company.

      It has fast, reliable, and secure networking for performance-sensitive applications. Examples are Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Real-time Streaming. Plus, it brings private connectivity at a minimal cost, which results in fast connectivity.

    Overcome Your Cloud Migration Problems With Oracle.

    Oracle Cloud empowers businesses with automated solutions and high-end security measures to protect their workloads from data breaches.

    Security During VMware to Cloud Migration

    Here are the different solutions to maintain security at the time of VMWare to Cloud migration.

    Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB)

    Oracle CASB is a cloud service with automated security monitoring to protect the entire cloud footprint. Cloud Access Security Broker simplifies the configuration settings and protects configuration drift, detects anomalous behavior through user behavior analytics, and security from threats that happen with multiple cloud services.

    Features of CASB

    • While moving from VMware to Cloud, CASB offers advanced threat analytics through UBA and third-party feeds.
    • Users will get configuration seeding, monitoring, and alerts.
    • It allows integration with existing security solutions like SWG, DLP, SIEM, NGFW, and IDaaS.
    • It offers shadow IT discovery that includes custom applications.

    Benefits of CASB

    • At the time of VMWare to Cloud migration, users can secure their entire cloud stack with its IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
    • It identifies risky users and the use of compromised credentials.
    • It has the functionality to auto-respond to incidents.
    • It quickly identifies anomalous behavior with UBA.
    • Custom alerts and remediation action removes configuration drift.
    • Partnership and integration help to increase current security investments.

    Cloud Guard

    Oracle Cloud Guard is the complimentary service of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that improves security posture. It quickly identifies threats, pinpoints misconfigurations, and monitors insecure activity over customer tenancies. It makes security administrators powerful, allowing them to swiftly resolve cloud security issues and create a seamless VMWare to Cloud migration.

    Features of Cloud Guard

    • It detects targeted malicious behavior and helps to overcome threats.
    • Cloud Guard protects customer tenancies with a global and centralized security approach.
    • It improves security operations efficiency through automated solutions for security threats.
    • It gives an overview of the security and risk posture of OCI customer tenancies.

    Benefits of Cloud Guard

    • Oracle Guard enables users to monitor and detect issues over the worldwide Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancies.
    • It offers integrated and automated remediation, including detector and responder recipes.
    • It offers threat detection tools to identify critical events as problems and provides actionable suggestions for immediate response.
    • It allows users to integrate OCI events, notifications, and functions for strong extensibility.

    Protect Your VMware Workloads With OCVS.

    By making a move to Oracle Cloud VMware Solutions, you will get enhanced security and easy user control management.

    Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Oracle Identity and Access Management solutions manage user identities and entitlements to overall enterprise resources, including cloud and on-premise deployments. During VMWare to Cloud migration, it maintains control over cloud security by authenticating users and regulating access to systems, networks, and data. It has tools for the easy management of digital identities and ensures appropriate access to company resources.

    Features of IAM

    • Identity Governance - It helps to manage the overall process of user accounts, such as entitlements and provisioning.

    • Access Management - Sometimes, it uses Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enablement.

    • Directory Services - It works on centralized and consolidated credential management and synchronization.

    • User Provisioning - It helps to automate the creation and assignment of new user accounts.

    • Identity Analytics - It detects and safeguards suspicious identity activities through Machine Learning.

    • Single Sign-On (SSO) - IAM offers consolidated user passwords and credentials behind the single account through strong passwords to simplify access to services.

    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - It increases authentication as secondary authentication controls to assure the authenticity of users and minimizes the exposure from stolen credentials.

    • Risk-based Authentication - It works with algorithms to calculate the risks of user actions. Plus, it helps with blocks and reports actions, including high-risk scores.

    • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) - It helps to lower the risks that are connected with excessive access and privileges through control over entitlements..

    Benefits of IAM

    • Its primary benefits include automation, security, and governance.
    • It has advanced functionalities that bring competitive advantage and business agility.
    • Automated IAM systems increase operational efficiency by minimizing the time and resources required to manage manually.
    • It offers a simple cloud identity management process and supports the integration of consistent data access controls for companies.
    • It lowers the risk of data breaches by providing greater control over users' access.
    • With IAM systems, companies can remain secure and compliant while shifting business models for greater agility.

    Astute Business Solutions is an Oracle-certified Cloud Services Partner that helps organizations with a diverse range of cloud services and advanced security solutions. Connect with us to learn more about the seamless VMware to Cloud Migration.

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