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    Nowadays, many organizations work with more than one public cloud service provider. It helps to overcome the dependency on a single vendor, enables them to leverage the relative strength of each service provider, and optimizes their cloud usage and costs. However, managing multi-cloud operations becomes a challenging task.

    The strategies and solutions needed to resolve this problem can be built with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS). It is a centralized platform that simplifies and streamlines an organization's multi-cloud management process. On the other hand, if businesses are struggling with managing the on-premise data center, it's essential to get a complete cloud environment by adopting a hybrid cloud.

    Develop a well-balanced management of private cloud services connected with public cloud, like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It helps to leverage the speed and agility of the cloud while maintaining the current architecture. Explore more about hybrid and multi-cloud management with OCVS in this blog.

    Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Adoption With Oracle

    • More Flexibility and Scalability
      Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with hybrid cloud adoption offers you the flexibility to minimize the in-house IT infrastructure resources. There will be a fixed-cost expenditure for on-premise IT infrastructure, which you need to utilize more effectively. Moving to a secure and cost-effective public cloud with easy access is the best option for data of low latency levels that are not frequently accessed.
    • Reduced Upfront Costs

      The public cloud element in the hybrid cloud provides different cost-effective IT resources that help to reduce capital and labor expenses. Oracle Cloud infrastructure can be easily scaled, redeployed, or stopped when needed, eliminating costs via increased efficiency.

    • Increased Accessibility

      Organizations that don’t consider Cloud solutions can face the risk of data recovery, leased or owned backup sites, and applications. Investing in an in-house data recovery plan helps maintain an on-premise data center. Meanwhile, Oracle's approach to the hybrid cloud model is elastic, which can replicate infrastructure and applications. Additionally, it stores data as a solution for on-premise disaster recovery.

    • Streamlined Agile Methodologies

      Fast processing helps the business to grow more efficiently, and Oracle cloud adoption has become pivotal for the DevOps functions and on-demand requirements of customers. As a hybrid cloud solution provider, Oracle offers easy and efficient collaboration within cross-functional teams during migration to and from environments.

    Looking for a hybrid cloud service provider?

    Get assistance from Astute, an Oracle-certified partner. We cater to businesses with custom-made solutions that help them stand out in the competitive market.

    Benefits of Multi-Cloud Management

    Instead of having a single cloud provider, multiple cloud platforms will offer the desired level of flexibility and control. Here’s why a business needs to have a multi-cloud strategy :

    • Increased Flexibility & Scalability

      Multi-cloud services offer the choice to select the leading cloud service provider best suited for your business requirements. Organizations can leverage the benefits of unique features and capabilities with different cloud providers. It becomes easy to optimize the infrastructure with different workloads and requirements.

      In terms of scalability, multi-cloud management is capable of helping businesses scale their resources quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it ensures development with changing demands.

    • Bypass Vendor Lock-In

      Dependency on a single cloud provider results in vendor lock-in, which causes limited flexibility and opportunities to change with the different requirements in the market. A multi-cloud strategy eliminates the limitations and offers a distributed approach that allows you to divide the workloads among multiple providers. It gives the power to connect with the best cloud partners instead of working with a single provider.

    • Lower Risk Of Downtime

      An organization can segregate the workloads and data with different providers and locations. As a result, there will be reduced chances of getting downtime caused by a single point of failure. It enables constant business operations with minimal disruption. For instance, if there is downtime on one cloud platform, switching to another provider is possible, enabling a continued flow of work.

    • Enhanced Security

      Getting an opportunity to diversify the data storage and processing on different platforms helps to improve security. It offers more protection by leveraging the benefits of security features provided by different cloud providers. Also, there will be no more cyber threats and data breaches as there are fewer chances of vulnerabilities from a single platform.

    Need help with multi-cloud management?

    OCVS is a cost-effective solution that helps to manage business operations and on-premise workload.

    Why Is Oracle Best Suited For Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Management?

    Oracle hybrid and multi-cloud solutions offer hyper-scale cloud regions (37+), high availability, distinctive choices, and interoperability. Oracle’s multi-cloud solution caters to optimizing cloud infrastructure capabilities, performance, environment, security, and money to spend. Additionally, it becomes easy to manage, reduces integration complications, and lowers security risks.

    It provides the customer-managed, native VMware-based cloud environment through Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), which is installed within customer ownership. Without redesigning the application, migration of workloads becomes easy with OCVS. It offers scalability, maintenance of current tools, processes, policies, and control over the VMware environments.

    Hybrid cloud deployments with Oracle enable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for organizations. Customers can have various deployment options via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Through Cloud@Customer service, Oracle datacenter can run an entire OCI region focused on a single customer. It gives the flexibility to move on-premises environments to the public clouds.

    Astute Business Solutions: An Oracle-Certified Partner

    Get connected with Astute for the best assistance in hybrid and multi-cloud management or help with other business problems. Instead of restricting user access from vendor-controlled service, choose bare metal access offered by Oracle VMware. Additionally, there will be cost-effective solutions with advanced functionalities to help the business easily boom in the market.

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