Migrate your Databases to OCI

Why learn Oracle’s portfolio of enterprise-class database migration tools when you can just migrate your databases to OCI? Migration made ultra-simple, enhancing the user experience while keeping cost efficiency into consideration.

Migration made easy

We understand that moving your databases to the cloud can initially seem intimidating. But that is until you try migrating your databases to OCI. Migrate your databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to simplify the migration workloads

Simplified Database Migration

Astute Business Solutions provides a unique and highly beneficial Database migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a service to help your business achieve a scalable and feature-rich database service.

Database services offer high value for businesses as they are cost-effective, scalable, and offer high availability. Along with being fully compatible and flexible, they also provide multilevel security to customers.



The Database Migration You Were Waiting For

We understand how intimidating it is when you realize that you need to Migrate your Database as it is a cumbersome and exhausting task. Astute’s primary goal is to empower businesses with well-informed decisions that bring them high value with minimal impact.

By migrating your databases to OCI, you are choosing the most convenient yet value-rich route. Astute will help you by moving in a streamlined and strategic way. Our process is divided into the following parts:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Migration and Deployment
  • Managed Services
  • Cost Optimization
  • Training and Support
  • Continuous Improvement

Database migration to OCI can be done through three routes. You can move your databases to

  • Database Cloud service
  • Exadata cloud service
  • Exadata cloud customer

Astute specializes in assisting customers with services that involve the migration of on-premise environments to OCI.



Database Migration to OCI

If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.
Can I migrate my existing databases to Exadata Cloud Service?

Yes, you can migrate your existing on-premises databases or other cloud databases to Exadata Cloud Service. At Astute, we specialize in assisting customers with services like migrating from on-premises environments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and we have successfully helped numerous customers make a smooth transition to Oracle Cloud.

How can I get started with Exadata Cloud Service through your partnership?

Getting started is easy! Contact us for a consultation, and we'll guide you through the process, from assessment to deployment and ongoing management of your Exadata databases.

Is Exadata Cloud Service available in multiple regions?

Yes, Exadata Cloud Service is available in multiple regions, allowing you to deploy your databases close to your users for improved performance and compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

Can I integrate Exadata Cloud Service with other Oracle Cloud services?

Yes, Exadata Cloud Service seamlessly integrates with other Oracle Cloud services, enabling you to build comprehensive and integrated cloud solutions.

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