Autonomous E-business Suite

Seamless transition to new solution template, leveraging automation for streamlined and optimized E-business suite.


A E-Business Suite SAaaS (Selective Adoption as a Service) Solution

Ready to make your E-Business Suite Solution as easy to manage as turning a key? Astute Autonomous E-Business Suite Service is an expertly managed service that gives you E-Business Suite Selective Adoption as a Service, on-demand, as per your business need. With uncertain, constantly evolving markets putting an increasing strain on in-house resources, Astute Business Solutions takes over the operation of your Oracle EBS to help you successfully navigate in your given industry.

Get Current, Stay Current

With Autonomous E-Business Suite, we handle the technical release management so that you can focus on business value. We can also handle the application functionality and user support if you require those services. From infrastructure to the database to the applications themselves, we’ve got you covered.

Autonomous E-Business Suite enables you and your organization to focus purely on consuming the best features that matter to your business. Let Astute take care of the rest for you.



Maximizing Value with Autonomous E-Business Suite

You’ve spent years getting your E-Business Suite environment honed and working just the way you like it. At the same time, you’re feeling pressure to reduce costs. Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to find, train, and retain E-Business Suite talent. That’s where Astute Business Solutions has your back.
Our Autonomous E-Business Suite provides you with a seasoned team of Oracle Certified experts who are ready to make sure things operate without your daily management. This combined approach has the two-fold benefits of saving you money and allowing you to focus on the core components of your business.

Custom E-business Suite Services

We’re ready to support you from A-Z when it comes to your E-Business Suite environments. Whether you’re looking for infrastructure support, tuning services, application patching services, or some combination of custom services, we’re ready to help you assemble the service that makes the most sense for your organization.



FAQ for Astute Business Solutions Autonomous E-Business Suite

Autonomous E-Business Suite is the fastest way to get your E-Business Suite applications current and running as if they were SaaS solutions.
How Do You Deliver Autonomous E-Business Suite?

Autonomous E-Business Suite is an Astute Business Solutions Managed Service offering completely customizable options for your business desires. The managed services are generally provided by a shared services team in a blended on-shore/off-shore delivery model.

How Much Does Autonomous E-Business Suite Cost?

Many factors go into pricing this type of managed service offering. We do have some basic t-shirt pricing based on organizational size and environmental structure to begin conversations. Small-footprint complete services start at $20,000 per month, but we’ve seen point solutions as little as $5,000 per month. Essentially, it entirely depends on the scope of your organizational needs. We would love to speak with you about what would work best for your organization.

What Is the Duration of an Autonomous E-Business Suite Contract?

The minimum contractual engagement for our service offering is 1-year. However, most organizations sign up for a 3-year engagement with perpetual renewal and the ability to cancel with 90 days’ notice.



E-business Suite Experience

With over a decade of E-Business Suite experience, we’ve seen it all. There isn’t anything we haven’t come across with the E-Business Suite that we can’t resolve. Learn more about our expertise, focus, and E-Business Suite successes from some of our satisfied enterprise customers.
Social network background against cityscape on cloud

University De Santiago De Chile Uses Autonomous Peoplesoft

One of the oldest universities in South America, the University De Santiago De Chile, leverages Astute's unique Autonomous PeopleSoft managed service to focus its efforts on Campus Solutions 9.2 implementation and user enablement.

Business woman in homey environment using laptop with cloud technology concept

Virence Health Delivers Business Value With Autonomous Peoplesoft

A new organization, born from divestiture from GE Healthcare, Virence Health chose Astute Business Solutions' Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to streamline maintenance and support.

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