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  • Virence Health - PeopleSoft Financials Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud 

    Virence Health is a leading Software Provider that leverages technology and analytics to help healthcare providers manage their financial, clinical, and human capital workflows.

    • The Challenges
    • The Solution
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    Divestiture, Growth

    Virence Health was formed when Veritas Capital acquired GE Healthcare’s Value-Based Care Solutions Group. Virence‘s revenue cycle, ambulatory practice, and workforce management solutions use advanced analytics

    • Divested and rebranded as a new entity

    • Cloud-first initiative

    • No in-house IT Team to support and manage PeopleSoft applications

    • Needed to comply with divestiture timeline


    New Entity, New IT Team, No Existing Infrastructure

    The separation from parent company GE Healthcare, Virence Health had to stand up a new IT organization and could no longer depend on shared services provided by its former parent company. Virence Health needed a new home for PeopleSoft applications, fast. 

    • Triage with GE, Oracle, Virence and other teams to ensure a successful migration from on-premise to OCI

    • Migrate As-Is on PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 and maintain current integrations

    • Right-sized Cloud for performance same as or better than on-premise 

    • Cloud monitoring, auditing and compliance services



    PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

    Astute chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host and manage Virence Health's PeopleSoft application based on their needs and performance and security needs required. 

    • OCI PaaS - Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Management Cloud

    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure US Phoenix Region deployed on multiple availability domains for redundancy

    • OCI IaaS - Network, Compute, Storage, Web Application Firewall, Load Balancer


    Accelerated Lift and Shift, Integration, Testing, Tuning

    Astute delivered a 3-month PeopleSoft Lift and Shift PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud service to help Virence Health meet its divestiture timeline. Astute seamlessly transitioned PeopleSoft and Infrastructure support from GE Healthcare over to Autonomous Managed Service.

    • Accelerated Lift and Shift of PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud

    • Seamless Transition from on-premise support to Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service

    • Support for enhancements and feature implementations to meet the business needs

    • Build, maintain and update Non-Prod and Prod environments using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

    • Oracle Management Cloud and OCI Cloud Monitoring Service for proactive monitoring

    • Disaster Recovery with Oracle Data Guard and RSYNC with annual DR Test and maintenance



    Stable Back Office 

    By moving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud, Virence Health has set the stage for future growth and expansion of its business. 

    • Met divestiture and new entity implementation deadlines

    • Automated Cloud environment reduced resource dependency
    • Full-fledged DR that meets RPO and RTO SLA


    Responsive Managed Service, Cloud Automation

    Virence Health, with its limited IT staff, was able to rely on Astute's Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service to operate, maintain and support PeopleSoft applications and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They were able to extend the managed service to meet the needs of their business while still controlling spend and outcome. 

    • Reliable, SLA-based application and infrastructure support

    • Managed service with deep relationships in the Oracle ecosystem

    • Access to new PeopleSoft features via demos and prototypes

    • Staying current with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Updates and PeopleTools 8.58 Upgrade
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    Doing the right thing,
    at the right time.


    SLA Targets Met


    Performance Match


    Automated Backup




    Realize Benefits with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

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    PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 1-Click 8.58 Tools Upgrade 

    PeopleSoft Cloud Manager offers customers the ability to execute Cloud computing, life cycle management, migration to Oracle Cloud, and self-service provisioning.

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    Migrate PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud for Free

    Astute's Zero Cost Migration helps you eliminate financial barriers of moving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 


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    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is purpose-built for PeopleSoft applications and Oracle databases. Find out how running PeopleSoft on OCI is better than running it anywhere else.