Modernize, Optimize, and Transform your Oracle applications on OCI

4 Hours

Through this Astute Business Solutions facilitated workshop, we dive deep into how you can modernize, optimize, and transform your Oracle applications to OCI. We have covered everything you need to know about Astute Business Solutions and how we can help you in the process. We also talk about crucial considerations like duration, scope of the project, and other such factors. You can consider different modes of purchasing a cloud-managed service, and we will help you choose the best option. The cloud workshop is a comprehensive solution to all your questions about migrating to OCI. Over the duration of just 4 hours, you will have gained complete knowledge of OCI, its associated applications, and the range of services that will enable you to make a well-informed decision considering your unique business requirements.

Migrate PeopleSoft to OCI

8 Topics

4 Hours


Must have Technical Understanding

Topic 1

Overview of Astute Business Solutions and our service offerings to help you choose the best service from us. We also talk about customer overview of current and future planned initiatives.

Topic 2

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Learn more about OCI IaaS and PaaS services offerings and which form of cloud computing will work best for your organization.

Topic 3

Moving workloads to OCI
Why should you be moving PeopleSoft to OCI, and what benefits does it have for your business

Topic 4

Decoding cloud migration
The complete scope of work, roles, and responsibilities, duration of the work, and much more. Everything you need to know about migrating to the cloud.

Topic 5

Who moved my Cheese?
What all will be migrated and how- considerations on integrations, security, customizations, technical staff, firewall, and all the key points you need to consider while migrating.

Topic 6

Cloud management
Weighing in your different options for managing PeopleSoft on Cloud - DIY or vendor-managed or contracting services: Which one should you opt for?

Topic 7

Hands-on demo on navigating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and Database Cloud Service to aid technical knowledge.

Topic 8

Rapid Fire Round
Answering Commonly asked questions

Why should you move PeopleSoft on OCI?

  • Reduced costs, more ROI. OCI provides predictable control of the costs.
  • Improved performance based on OCI scalability and automation.
  • Enhanced analytics that boost decision-making processes.
  • Drive Innovation and deploy new features.


An Astute Business Solutions designed facilitated workshop with pre-engagement material, open discussion, and breakout sessions. It provides the best resources for you to gain a comprehensive view of migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its associated considerations.

Workshop modality

The course will be held virtually keeping your convenience and ease of access in mind.


  • Stakeholders: C-suite (CFO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, CFO, CISO)
  • Application Owners: VP, Director, Manager in charge of PeopleSoft applications
  • Technical SME: Architects and other SMEs in your organization
  • Others: It’s a party, everyone is invited!

Course Duration

The course has been designed over a complete 4-hour duration covering everything you need to know to migrate your Oracle applications to OCI.