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PeopleSoft Test Framework

Automate repetitive tasks & boost your productivity

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a testing tool that eases manual work by automating functional testing that requires repetitive effort and time. Integrating this methodology into your release process will help you validate your system in less time. Simply record the manual test processes, and use them later to validate PeopleSoft Application functionality. As a provider of PeopleSoft services, we can perform this work for you, or you can do it on your own and consult us for help whenever you need.
robust application

Load Testing

Deliver a robust application to your users

Load Testing is the measurement of your application’s performance based on metrics such as speed, security, reliability, responsiveness, and application size. The primary purpose of this test is to identify whether the infrastructure of the application can concurrently handle its regular processing workload and a high number of interactive users. This test is conducted to validate the user experience and find areas of improvement in your PeopleSoft applications. This testing provides you with peace of mind that your application will perform, as well as deliver a solid application for your users.

Astute FasTest for PTF

Maximise your testing with Astute’s PTF Bolt-on, FasTest

FasTest is a tool for automating testing in PeopleSoft applications. It provides automated test execution, defect tracking, and reporting, and aids in lifecycle management of PeopleSoft applications. FasTest eliminates the need for manual testing, promoting rapid development and maintenance of automated tests, thereby increasing testing coverage and accelerating update and upgrade projects.

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