Accelerate IT Modernization

Reach your business goals faster by getting a robust IT environment that provides simple management at low costs. Oracle Modern IT Estate delivers a unique experience due to streamlined processes and helps you actively leverage data.


We Make The IT Modernization Journey Seamless For You!

Why should I update my IT infrastructure?

That’s a question we get asked a lot.

Well, here’s why. With a modernized IT infrastructure, you will drive the following value in your business:

  • Streamlined process that evolves with your business.
  • Leverage new and emerging technologies through advanced cloud services, AI/ML models and more for more targeted and personalized insights.
  • Make automation your best friend and relieve your team from redundant tasks.

Drive Increased Revenue with Automated Processes with Oracle Data Estate Modernization

Astute provides seamless IT estate modernization services for your specific business requirement.

The Challenge

We have several years of experience in dealing with IT estate modernization projects with businesses. Some of the common concerns we have heard are:

Lack of data estate modernization plans that come under budget
Legacy systems delay upgrades and patches
Simple old resistance to change
Data security concerns

Ready to Overcome These Challenges and Drive Growth?

Many businesses have already modernized their working infrastructures and witnessed enormous growth. What are you waiting for?

Why Oracle Estate Modernization

Oracle estate modernization helps organizations meet every need:

  • Oracle estate modernization helps organizations meet every need:
  • Enhance and augment your working infrastructure by integrating pre-designed AI services with existing systems, deploying advanced analytics, and rehosting to the cloud.
  • Transform and optimize by implementing multi-cloud architectures, developing AI/ML based applications, and replacing existing applications with cloud-native apps.
  • Oracle Estate modernization helps you optimize IT and lower costs by simplified management.
  • Eliminate or minimize business operational disruptions.
  • Data scattered across sources make it difficult for you to derive actionable insights. With Oracle Cloud Estate Modernization, you can easily consolidate data into a single platform.

Leveraging the Oracle expertise

Why Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Data Estate Modernization

  • OCI is the fastest-growing network with 46 cloud regions in 23 countries.
  • OCI meets your diverse needs, whether it is public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or a dedicated cloud.
  • OCI is the best cloud for Oracle Autonomous Database, Exadata as well as MySQL Heatwave for customers based on their preferences.
  • Oracle modernization helps you perform easy transitioning to the cloud without costly application refactoring.
  • Built-in security across databases, infrastructure and applications.

Business Outcomes you can expect

Drive Value with Oracle Cloud Estate Modernization

  • Get all that you want or might want in the future under one roof. OCI provides Infrastructure, Platform Services, and SaaS in one cloud.
  • Enhance your infrastructure with ready-to-go AI capabilities.
  • High Operational Efficiency with Faster Cloud Migrations.
  • Drive innovation with new-age app development capabilities such as AI/ML.
  • Comprehensive platform that provides all the services that you need.

Modernize your IT infrastructure Before It’s Too Late!

Astute helps you find the most experienced professionals to guide you through the data estate modernization journey.


Use Cases

Real-time Case studies

Optimize IT processes and Lower Costs

OCI helps you to reduce operational complexity and costs across your IT ecosystem. It provides flexible options based on your preference and business requirements. A modernized IT estate helps to manage costs and cut down spending.

Deutsche Bank saves 100 M €

As a leading German bank working towards providing more enriched and secure customer experiences, Deutsche Bank modernized their data handling software. They chose Oracle Exadata Cloud @ Customer as it aligned with their budget.

With a public cloud partnership, Deutsche Bank was able to control customer data better, reduce their response time, leverage proactive lifecycle management support that stabilizes the application and much more.

Deliver Differentiated Experiences

Extend the capabilities of your existing applications in little to no time. Go from Oracle applications to custom and ISV applications with the same functionalities. Leverage intelligent AI-based analytics and reduce the disruption time with low-latency services.

MCM Telecom witnesses a 95% increase in customer satisfaction

MCM Telecom is leveraging MySQL HeatWave to make their applications more available and accessible that helps them deliver applications faster and ensure business continuity. They are able to onboard clients in seconds, a job that took them multiple hours earlier. This has helped them provide a very rich customer experience.

Activate and Monetize Data

Leverage any data, any application, anywhere. Easily stream and consolidate data, automate its processing, and provide fast data access. Rapid data access, along with cloud-native innovations, open up new revenue streams.

Hapvida improves medical reporting speeds 8x faster

Hapvida is Brazil’s largest healthcare service provider that has enhanced its patient care and and healthcare delivery system. Their data estate modernization has made medical reporting 8x faster, resulting in more patient lives being saved.