The University De Santiago De Chile - Modernizing Peoplesoft Campus Solutions On Oci

The University De Santiago De Chile - Modernizing Peoplesoft Campus Solutions On Oci

Founded in 1842, the University of Chile is the main and oldest institution of higher education of the State, with a national and public character.


The Challenge


High TCO, Legacy Apps

The University de Santiago de Chile uses PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, and CS applications, but all of them were on version 9.0 running on outdated hardware and software. This presented a number of challenges including:

  • Heavily customized legacy applications
  • Students lacking access to modern self-service tools
  • Faculty and Administrative staff wanted higher productivity
  • Monolithic and non-competitive hosting solution

Aging Infrastructure and Platform, Poor SLA

USACH had attempted a Campus Solutions (CS) implementation before with CS version 9.0. Based on that, they concerned about delays in procuring the infrastructure and resources needed to install and set up the PeopleSoft application software for their project. They were also concerned about resource constraints of their internal technical staff, lack of country-specific localizations in the product, and inaccessibility of expert consulting resources in South America to help them during the implementation.

  • Long lead time to procure, install and configure hosted hardware solution for PeopleSoft CS 9.2 re-implementation
  • 5x higher price quote for an on-premise hosting solution as compared to OCI
  • Lack of local PeopleSoft CS 9.2 consulting expertise and experience
  • Traditional project plans and estimates were too long and too costly

The Solution

PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

The University de Santiago de Chile realized that in order to overcome their challenges and to deliver a modernized application experience to faculty, students, and administrative staff, they have to move to the cloud.

Rapid infrastructure deployment on OCI
Granular cost controls and predictable spend
Accelerated CS 9.2 implementation
Responsive, mobile-friendly student self-service apps

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud Automation

Astute Business Solutions assessed the business needs of the University de Santiago de Chile and developed a roadmap and detailed plan for re-implementing PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This included a solution for converting master data and configuration and keeping them current on CS 9.2 with Selective Adoption so that the University could take advantage of the latest features as they implemented this project in phases.

Oracle Validated Solution Architecture for PeopleSoft on OCI for a standardized build
PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud infrastructure, PUM Images from OCI Marketplace
Automated cloning and new instance deployment using Cloud Manager
Database Cloud Service for automated deployment, automated backup, and automated patching.

Results Delivered


Modern Campus Application

With the PeopleSoft re-implementation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, The University de Santiago de Chile was able to deliver a modern, responsive, mobile-friendly application with self-service features for students, faculty and administrative staff

  • Time to solution – demonstrated in days, testable in weeks, and fully deployed in under 6 months
  • Clean, vanilla implementation without customization overheads
  • 50% cost savings as compared to similar on-premise solution


Improved Availability, Automation, Managed Services on OCI

With PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud, The University de Santiago de Chile was able to get an instance up and running in a matter of hours instead of waiting for days or weeks for on-premise hardware to be set up. The IT team was able to deliver on its promises by implementing in phases to reduce risk and effectively manage change.

  • Independent availability domains on OCI to improve solution availability
  • Automated PeopleSoft Dev/Test deployment using OCI Marketplace images.
  • Predictable, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Managed Services on Oracle Cloud to manage the entire IaaS and PaaS Solution
  • Flex Support with PeopleSoft consulting services for functional, technical and training solutions
  • Multi-language implementation in Spanish and English

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


Lower Cost


Faster Deployment


IaaS Automation




Learn More About the University and Solutions Designed to Help You Get Started

Concentrated young men studying medicine together with futuristic interface in university library

Success Story - The University De Santiago De Chile

Astute built our managed PeopleSoft Solution on top of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The complete solution is saving the University 35% compared with other options we explored. We have been thrilled with the results and quality of service.

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