Introducing Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: Key Capabilities and Benefit

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    Cloud technology has emerged as a crucial digital ecosystem that many businesses engage with on a daily basis. Major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba have integrated VMware services.

    Oracle VMware Solution possesses its own distinctive capabilities making it perfect for many use cases.

    But what makes Oracle Cloud VMware Solution different?

    1. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution enables customers to opt for different SDDC bundles i.e., multi-host and single-host. Oracle guarantees a 99.9% uptime for the service.
    2. Other service providers offer vendor-controlled servers restricting user access. Oracle VMware offers bare metal access that provides an operational experience akin to on-premise setups.
    3. Customers gain access to Oracle cloud infrastructure file Storage Service (NFS) which is a certified secondary storage for an OCVS cluster. No need to add new compute resources to scale the storage layer of SDDC.
    4. Different billing options depending on the duration of your engagement with Oracle VMware.
    5. A global reach spanning over 46 regions with 12 Azure interconnect and 10 dual regions which is much more than its competitors.

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    Benefits of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution 

    Why should Oracle Cloud VMware Solution be on your radar? What competitive advantage does it offer over other service providers?

    1. Retain Complete Control - In contrast to other service providers that are controlled directly by the vendors, Oracle Cloud allows customers to retain complete control over dedicated environments.
    2. Highest CPU core count available - Oracle VMware provides high performance and elasticity offering customers the highest CPU core count available which is up to 128 cores.
    3. Save transport fees - Migrating applications will take little to no modification, code refactoring, or any other cumbersome activity. It will be easy and seamless. Oracle Cloud VMware has consistent pricing across global locations.
    4. Security - Oracle Cloud VMware Solution offers customers complete control over their network security policy as they deploy their SDDC within their own virtual network, unlike others where it is co-located outside the server.

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    Key capabilities of Oracle cloud VMware solution on OCI

    1. Scalability and agility -
      To optimize workloads, you can independently scale factors such as block volume capacity, compute, storage, and cost on-demand.
      Scalability with respect to storage allows users to deploy only the amount of storage they need. Shielded instances provide security against ransomware attacks. VMware-certified NSFv3 Cloud datastore is crafted for disaster recovery.
    2. Utilize familiar toolsets
      No retraining of IT teams is required because VMware uses familiar application management tools such as Oracle Cloud. Similar toolsets ensure minimal disruption during cloud migration to deploy a seamless process.
      VMware tool compatibility provides a seamless migration experience while allowing you to leverage the same tools and skillsets and derive maximum ROI from them.
    3. Port existing applications
      With Oracle Cloud VMware, you can migrate applications as they are without refactoring application code. Instead of long and complicated migration procedures, transition from on-prem to Oracle VMware in just a few days as-is.
      You can migrate applications by relying on native VMware tools to minimize the impact on your business.
    4. Extend cloud flexibility with data proximity
      Get bare metal instances that allow flexibility and customizability that are competitively larger than other service offerings.
      Oracle Cloud VMware Solution runs in many regions, more than any other provider, offering data proximity, optimized performance, and compliance with data sovereignty.

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    Migrating VMware to OCVS (Oracle Cloud VMware Solution)

    Shifting your existing VMware workloads from an on-premise data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a straightforward and seamless process.

    With Oracle, you can continue to use the same VMware SDDC stack in the cloud, minimizing the need to modify applications and reducing the learning curve for your technical team.

    Post this, you will need to utilize VMware HCX which makes the process of application migration simpler. It also helps with workload rebalancing and maintaining business continuity across data centers and clouds.

    The whole process would look like this:

    • Setting up an SDDC on OCI
    • Establishing connectivity between the on-premises environment and OCVS and HCX
    • Utilizing HCX to migrate the application.

    We are with you on the Oracle Cloud VMware migration journey

    Astute Business Solutions has been a certified Oracle partner since 2007. Due to our commitment to optimizing Oracle solutions, we became an Oracle-certified Cloud Services Partner in 2019.

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    We can help you to:

    • Justify the project - Know exactly what deliverables and results Oracle VMware Solution will bring for your organization before implementing the solution.
    • Sell OCI credits - We assist you in using your credits on services that will bring the most returns.
    • Implement a smooth and seamless migration - Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our years of experience as Oracle cloud services partners and migrate with the least impact on your organization.
    • Maintain post-implementation - We ensure that VMware stays compatible with operating systems and applications.

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