8 Strategic Advantages of Choosing OCVS for Your VMware Needs

VMware has established itself as a hybrid cloud platform deployable across platforms. It stands as a foundational infrastructure that enables workload portability across various providers.

As more organizations realize how crucial it is to migrate to modernized application stacks from traditional workloads, the versatility and flexibility of the systems keep increasing. The challenge here is that this migration needs to happen while maintaining the conventional application landscape so that teams can leverage established practices and previous skills.

Different service providers have developed their cloud-based VMware offering including AWS, Azure, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle. All offerings represent the cloud provider’s approach to application modernization.

Oracle’s OCVS presents the most wide range of features available and enterprises should explore this option more. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) presents a noteworthy competitive advantage to VMware-based work environments of other service providers.

Considerations to make while picking your VMware cloud

Since many service providers have been providing VMware-based work environments, you need to consider the following factors when deciding a platform to pick:

  • Team’s familiarity with the cloud platform
  • Technical network requirements
  • Total cost of deployment
  • Organizational compliance, security, and audit requirements
  • Availability in preferred geographical locations
  • Integration capabilities
  • Minimum number of hosts
  • Types of storage available

What makes Oracle Cloud VMware Solution different from other cloud VMware options?

  • Oracle’s VMware is not a managed platform
    This means that your VMware environment is provisioned automatically for you on bare metal servers.
    As a customer, you will possess exclusive access to the environment including the root access to ESXi servers. This unique approach allows you to manage your environment yourself, akin to on-premise environments without running into compliance issues that happen when the cloud vendor has access to your VMware instances and data.
  • Individual Tenancy
    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution runs in the customer’s tenancy. It runs directly in the customer’s own Virtual Cloud Networks. Apart from OCVS, Azure VMware solution is the only service that offers this feature.
  • Wide range of versions
    Oracle supports a broad spectrum of VMware versions on OCVS i.e., 6.5, 6.7, and 7.0. Other service providers confine users to one version.
  • Geographical Availability
    OCVS is available in the maximum number of regions globally, which spans over 46 regions. This is possible because bare metal instances are part of every region.
    The global reach of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution instantly makes it a preferred choice for customers as it comes with the convenience of having workloads in diverse locations, and the affordability of having globally consistent pricing.
  • Optimized Production environment
    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution currently provides the maximum number of CPU cores available. It allows users to independently scale compute from 16 to 128 cores with OCI’s flexible infrastructure.
  • Robust Networking
    OCI consists of a robust network design and superior performance that allows dynamic reconfiguration of the port speed to scale the connection based on demand.
    While other service providers require a complete teardown of the Direct connects, Oracle’s FastConnect offers the flexibility of dynamic bandwidth scaling as per replication needs.
    Oracle VMware also allows direct layer 3 traffic between the customer’s virtual clown network and SDDC. The architecture helps to simplify the management of traffic between the SDDC and the VCN.
  • Security and Compliance
    Oracle has a single point of contact for an audit of the security of compliance, a distinctive feature that only Google and Oracle services provide other than Oracle. In addition to that, Oracle also allows full administrative access and control to the bare metal servers, the SDDC infrastructure software, and the vCentre management server.
    Operational, security, and lifecycle processes in Oracle Cloud can remain the same as in on-premises infrastructure.
  • Ease of Use
    User-friendly experience will have a considerable impact on the VMware infrastructure you should choose because to maintain business continuity, you need to choose a solution that offers the least downtime.
    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a consistent user experience eliminating larger barriers to adoption. The OCVS service also adopts no rearchitecting and refactoring policies which enables you to make use of established practices and previously acquired skills.

Interested in OCVS?

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If the above-mentioned features align with your organizational requirements, then consider a lift and shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s OCVS.

The process takes just a few hours, and we can help to make your shift to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution fit perfectly with your business needs to increase its ROI for you.

If you need help with :

  • Justifying the project
  • Seling OCI credits
  • Migrating seamlessly
  • Maintaining your workloads post-implementation

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