Migrate to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Move and Modernize VMware estates to Oracle Cloud VMWare Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution offer enhanced security, predictability, control, and flexibility to users. Globally consistent pricing and availability of the largest cluster sizes are offered by Oracle Cloud. Complete administrative control of the customers enhances the system's data security and reliability. Retain root access to your VMware environment and migrate clusters without application changes.

What can Oracle Cloud VMware Solution do for you?

Key Capabilities of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution on OCI


Scalability and agility

To optimize workloads, you can independently scale factors such as block volume capacity, compute, storage, and cost on-demand.

Scalability with respect to storage allows users to deploy only the amount of storage they need. Shielded instances provide security against ransomware attacks. VMware-certified NSFv3 Cloud datastore is crafted for disaster recovery.


Utilize familiar toolsets

No retraining of IT teams is required as VMware uses familiar applications management tools as Oracle Cloud. Similar toolsets ensure minimal disruption during cloud migration to deploy a seamless process.

VMware tool compatibility provides a seamless migration experience while allowing you to leverage the same tools and skill sets, and derive maximum ROI from them.


Port existing applications

With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, you can migrate applications as they are without refactoring application code. Instead of long and complicated migration procedures, transitions from on-prem to Oracle Cloud VMware in just a few days as-is.

You can migrate applications by relying on native VMware tools to minimize the impact on your business.


Extend cloud flexibility with data proximity

Get bare metal instances that allow flexibility and customizability that are competitively larger than other service offerings.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution runs in many regions, offering data proximity, optimized performance, and compliance with data sovereignty.

Let’s plan your VMware strategy

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Eliminate on-premise VMware challenges

Are you facing these challenges?

Running VMware on-premises presents a variety of challenges that must be constantly addressed in order to ensure optimal performance.

  • Scalability - Consistently scaling businesses requires careful planning and optimization of resources, such as processor cores, RAM, storage space, and networking capacity.
  • Security - System reliability and security is a common challenge and infrastructure needs to be secured from external threats through firewalls, antivirus software, and secure authentication protocols.
  • Maintenance - Keeping up with several operating systems and applications requires regular maintenance and updates.
  • Resource intensive - VMware on-premise demands many resources to be involved, from workforce to costs.
shapes (3)

Overcome these challenges with OCI

Cloud can solve your VMware challenges

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution addresses all of these challenges in the following manner:


Oracle Cloud VMware Solution enables customers to choose between different SDDC bundles i.e., multi-host and single-host. Oracle guarantees a 99.9% uptime for the service.


Other service providers offer vendor-controlled servers restricting user access. Oracle VMware offers bare metal access that provides the same operational experience as on-premise.


Customers gain access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure file Storage Service (NFS) which is a certified secondary storage for an OCVS cluster. No need to add new compute resources to scale the storage layer of SDDC.


Different billing options depending on the duration of your engagement with Oracle VMware.


A global reach spanning 46 regions with 12 Azure interconnects and 10 dual regions which is much more than its competitors.


Oracle Cloud VMware Solution addresses the security concerns with Oracle’s secure authentication protocols, and integrated firewall technology, and advanced antivirus software.


Easier maintenance through automatic updates of operating systems and applications makes administrative control more efficient.

Overcome all challenges with on-prem VMware infrastructure

Move to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution seamlessly.


VMware to Cloud Migration Methodology Built for Success

A Tailored Approach to VMware Estate Modernization

Lift and Shift? Refactor?  Rearchitect? Modernize? Do nothing? 

We understand that VMware powers your data center virtualization and is part of the core of your IT operations. Moving away from on-premise to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution may not be a simple decision. Our VMware strategy service will help you understand your options, compare them and arrive at a solution that is tailored to your business needs.

Our team of VMware and Cloud experts will help you by conducting workshops, presenting value propositions, sharing decision matrices, and developing TCO models that can help you make an informed decision. 

Cloud Workshops to assess current state and develop strategies for future state
TCO Models to help you compare on-premise and Cloud options, with pros and cons of each
Real world implementation plans  tailored to your business and pace of change
Decision matrix with peer references and best practice recommendations to help you select and execute

De-Risk, Accelerate, Optimize, Modernize

Astute Business Solutions has deep industry and technology expertise in migrating VMWare clusters to Oracle VMWare Cloud Solution. Our team of VMware and Oracle Cloud engineers and experts have helped a variety of clients modernize VMware estates on the Cloud. Leverage our real-world implementation experience, our deep Oracle Cloud relationships with product engineering and product strategy, and our commitment to quality and customer success.

The Astute team will design and implement your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or distributed cloud strategies and help you succeed with VMware on Cloud, whether it is a big-bang project or a phased approach. We minimize risk via detailed planning, testing, validation, security hardening, and knowledge transfer. Change and Risk Management is not an afterthought, rather its fully baked into our methodology. 

Proven methodology and real-world experience to help you succeed
Deep and broad Oracle Cloud partnership to bring the best resources to your project
Been there done that - solid references across industries and market segments
Customer centricity - our unwavering commitment to your success

Run, Maintain, Optimize

Astute Business Solutions provides turn-key services to manage your VMware estate on-premise or in the Cloud. The goal of our managed service is to help you focus on value-added projects and to provide SLA-based assurances for the security, performance, and optimal operation of your VMware solution. 

Astute Business Solutions is a certified Oracle Cloud Service Provider (CSP or MSP) since 2018. Our agility and flexibility is allows us to deliver packaged services or pivot to a tailored, nuanced offering that suits your needs. Our support goal is to meet you where you are today, help you stabilize and optimize, and tailor or service to grow or shrink as your business needs evolve. 

Global Delivery Model - 24x7 SLA-Based Support Help Desk
Automation tools for deploying, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing VMware
ISO, ITIL and SOC2 based policies and procedures that deliver a high quality support service
Certified team of VMware and Oracle Cloud experts working as an extension of your team to ensure success 

Why Choose Astute?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution migration with Astute is an incredibly versatile and powerful service, offering key differentiators that set it apart from other system integrators. Firstly, Oracle Cloud VMware Service provides customers with a high degree of flexibility and scalability when migrating their systems to the cloud; this allows for users to move their applications quickly and securely to the cloud environment without sacrificing speed or performance. Additionally, our  experience with VMware migrations accelerates migration processes significantly, ensuring that businesses can transition seamlessly without disruption. Furthermore, Astute's team of engineers and developers provide an unparalleled level of technical support throughout the entire process; this ensures that customers have access to real-time expertise every step of the way. Finally, Astute works with businesses to craft an individualized roadmap based on their goals, providing tailored advice and guidance along the way. In sum, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution migration with Astute offers a streamlined, secure and highly efficient system integration experience ideal for modern businesses looking to migrate their applications and services to the cloud.



Why Run VMWare on OCI?


Migrating VMWare clusters to Oracle Cloud VMWare Solution with Astute offers numerous benefits for businesses.

  • By leveraging the cloud service, businesses can reduce the cost of hardware and software acquisition by utilizing virtual resources more efficiently.
  • Additionally, they can also reduce IT labor costs associated with deploying physical hardware and managing software updates and patches.
  • Furthermore, Astute's comprehensive managed services enable businesses to outsource their IT infrastructure management tasks such as patching, backup/restore, storage replication, and security monitoring. This helps them to reduce operational costs while gaining access to a wide range of advanced features that help improve the scalability, performance, and availability of applications.


Migrating VMWare clusters to Oracle Cloud VMWare  Solution with Astute affords users a plethora of benefits.

  • Most notably, organizations are capable of leveraging the virtualization technology that comes with the service to reduce costs and IT overhead in an incredibly efficient manner. The cloud architecture used by Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides users with high availability and scalability, enabling them to run multiple application workloads at once while keeping their operations secure and reliable.
  • Additionally, organizations can leverage powerful analytics tools that come with the service to gain greater insights into their environment and optimize their resources accordingly.
  • Finally, users can rest assured knowing that Oracle Cloud VMware Solution includes 24/7 support to address any questions or issues.

As such, migrating VMWare clusters to Oracle Cloud VMWare Solu with Astute is a wise decision for those looking for an advanced solution that offers numerous technology benefits at an affordable cost.


Use Cases

OCVS Use Case Portfolio: A Journey to Cloud Victory

Decommission All On-Premise VMware Workloads On The Cloud

Datacenter Exit is a strategic move where organizations shift their IT infrastructure, applications, and data to cloud-based services. Motivated by a need for enhanced scalability, reduced costs, and increased agility, this process involves meticulous planning, data migration, and adopting cloud services for a seamless transition while maintaining or improving service levels.

TIM Brasil Picks Oracle and Microsoft for Total Cloud Migration!

TIM Brasil, a major telecom player in Brazil with 61 million customers, embraced a swift digital shift during COVID-19. Opting for Oracle and Microsoft, they're migrating all data center workloads to the cloud—7,000 servers, 35K cores, 1.2K databases, and 15 petabytes of storage. TIM Brasil’s Mission-critical apps find a home in Oracle DBCS, ExaCS, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS).

Prophecy International Partnering With Oracle And VMware For A Radiant Future!

Prophecy International, a global cybersecurity and business intelligence software provider, secured its future with Oracle and VMware. Migrating its entire VMware environment to the cloud using Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), Prophecy enjoys enhanced scalability, reduced operational costs, and seamless disaster recovery. OCVS also accelerated backup and restore speeds by 10-12 times, minimizing data loss risk and cutting recovery time to just 12 hours.

Toda Corp Chooses Oracle Cloud VMware Solution For Core System Migration!

Toda Corporation, a global urban development specialist, chooses Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) for core system migration. Formerly hosted by a local provider, Toda opts for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) due to its high performance, on-demand scalability, and rapid workload provisioning, overcoming flexibility issues and high costs.

Move An Existing DR Site To The Cloud; Or Create A New DR Site On The Cloud

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a strategic plan to protect and quickly restore an organization's critical IT systems and data in the face of unexpected events, minimizing downtime and data loss. This process involves creating duplicate infrastructure and implementing strategies for swift recovery.

Maxim’s Group Enhances Business Continuity With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Maxim’s, a major F&B chain in Hong Kong with 1800+ outlets across Asia, upgraded from cold Disaster Recovery (DR) to hot DR amidst COVID-19 disruptions. By choosing Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), they gained more storage per host, reduced costs, and automated their DR workflow, Cutting the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to around 5 minutes. Leveraging OCVS's security and scalability, Maxim’s embraced a hybrid-cloud model, ensuring 100% production support as needed. The shift to OCVS proved cost-effective, with on-premises systems being 65% more expensive over a 3-year commitment.

Either Transfer Some On-Premises VMware Workloads Or Execute New Workloads On The Cloud

Capacity expansion is the strategic process of increasing an organization's ability to produce goods, offer services, or handle growing demand. This process involves adding physical infrastructure or scaling up technology resources to ensure effective operation and adaptability to evolving needs.

Aya Bank Boosts Efficiency, Slashing Tco By 55% With OCVS!

AYA Bank, Myanmar's second-largest private bank, streamlined its operations by choosing Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) for a training environment during a supply chain crisis. OCVS met critical requirements, including control of root privileges, leading to a 55% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). AYA Bank's move to OCVS facilitated continuity with existing tools, processes, and policies while offering enhanced management ease, scalability, security, and full admin rights.

Sacombank Swiftly Builds Non-Production Environment With Speed And Ease!

Sacombank, a rapidly growing bank in Vietnam, swiftly deployed its Digital Banking Non-Production environment using Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS). Selected for cost-effectiveness, root access, full-fledged VMware control, and quick provisioning, OCVS eliminated the need for capital investment, reducing provisioning time from weeks to just 2 days. Sacombank also leverages existing skillsets with this efficient cloud-based solution.



Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS)

This FAQ is an excerpt from Oracle's FAQ for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
What is Oracle Cloud VMware Solution?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) is based on VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and provides a fully supported, customizable cloud environment for VMware deployments and migrations. The solution delivers a full-stack software-defined data center (SDDC), including VMware’s vCenter, ESXi, NSX, and vSAN. Specific use cases targeted by Oracle Cloud VMware Solution include data center and application migration, hybrid extension, on-demand capacity, and disaster recovery.

In which regions is Oracle Cloud VMware Solution available?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is currently available in all OCI regions where compute supports it.

Is Oracle Cloud VMware Solution a managed VMware service?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution isn’t a managed service. It’s a customer-controlled service that provides customers full administrative access and control. Customers control and manage VMware operations, patching, and updates.

Can customers target Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to run native applications hosted by VMware VMs backed by DBaaS?

Yes. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution easily can be connected to other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service offerings, such as Oracle Database Cloud Service.

What are the Standard shapes that Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports?
  • Standard3: X9-based standard third-generation Intel Xeon Platinum 8358 processor (formerly code-named Ice Lake); base frequency 2.6 GHz, max turbo frequency 3.4 GHz; available in 16-, 32-, 48-, and 64-core configurations with 1 TB RAM and 100 Gb/sec network bandwidth.
  • Standard2.52: X7-based standard Intel Xeon Platinum 8167M; base frequency 2.0 GHz, max turbo frequency 2.4 GHz; available in 52-core configurations with 768 GB RAM and 50 Gb/sec network bandwidth.
  • StandardE4: E4-based standard compute third-generation AMD EPYC 7J13 processor; base frequency 2.55 GHz, max boost frequency 3.5 GHz; available in 32-, 64-, 96-, and 128-core configurations with 2 TB RAM and 100 Gb/sec network bandwidth.
Which VMware vSphere versions does Oracle Cloud VMware Solution support?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports provisioning of vSphere 7.0 and vSphere 8.0. vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 reached the end of the General Support phase from VMware on October 15, 2022. Oracle began providing commercially reasonable support for provisioning of vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 environments after the General Support phase from VMware ended October 15, 2022, and the Technical Guidance phase ensued. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution shape support has been limited to the shapes supported at the end of the General Support phase. New Oracle Cloud VMware Solution shapes introduced after October 15, 2022, won’t be enabled for vSphere 6.5 or 6.7. At the end of the Technical Guidance Phase on November 15, 2023, customers will no longer be able to provision using vSphere 6.5 or 6.7.

What is the maximum number of ESXi hosts that can be deployed?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports VMware cluster deployments up to the current VMware limit of 64 instances. Additional host instances can be added at any time up to the maximum supported in the customer's tenancy based on OCI service limits. Note: The customer will use VMware software and tooling to define additional clusters within vCenter Server. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC can contain more than 64 hosts, but each cluster has a current maximum of 64 based on VMware limits. Please note that Standard shapes are limited to a maximum of 32 instances.

What is the minimum number of ESXi hosts that can be deployed?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports a single ESXi host SDDC for a single node SDDC (available only in Dense shapes) or a minimum of three ESXi hosts for a multihost SDDC.

Will additional VMware products work on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution beyond the core components of VCF (vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX)?

Additional VMware product suites are expected to function as advertised on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution based on the VMware compatibility matrix.

Is Oracle responsible for patching and management of the customer’s Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC?

No, the customer or the customer’s operating partner is responsible for all VMware configuration, patching, operations, and application deployment.

Is it possible to use Oracle Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to license Oracle Cloud VMware Solution components?

The BYOL VMware license model isn’t supported for core Oracle Cloud VMware Solution components (vSphere, vSAN, and NSX). This is the VMware standard across all public cloud offerings.

What VMware licenses are included for customers with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Standard shapes?
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • NSX Data Center Advanced
  • HCX Advanced (can be upgraded to HCX Enterprise on demand)

Customers need to buy the licenses for attached services, such as VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), VMware Horizon VDI, VMware vRealize Suite, and VMware Tanzu.

How can I migrate to a production SDDC?

You can use VMware HCX to migrate workloads to a 3-node production SDDC or use your preferred method of migrating the workload from one SDDC to the other.


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