The Future of VMware with Oracle Cloud: A Symbiotic Partnership

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    VMware is an organization that helps to convert the actual system into a set of virtual machines that may be used for giving companies more flexibility and control over how they manage and improve their IT infrastructure. These virtualization products are much more than physical servers, and offer a greater return on an organization’s hardware investments.

    But as the industry and consumer needs quickly shift in favor of cloud adoption, we must ask ourselves: What does VMware's future hold in terms of its reach and scope?

    VMware has explored this answer by partnering up with Oracle.

    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) is a strategic solution built by VMware and Oracle. It can serve a very wide range of use cases This strategic partnership which has led to the innovation of an infrastructure like OCVS.

    OCVS is a crucial step taken in the path of cloud adoption.

    This blog highlights the strategic partnership of Oracle and VMware and it’s future.

    Tipping Point in The Cloud Journey

    Businesses have shifted there perception of cloud computing from Why to When. Hence, a lot of business processes have been reshaped. Businesses from various industries have started to prefer cloud platforms as they are comparatively more scalable, agile and cost-effective. Realizing this business opportunity, VMware has expanded its offerings beyond traditional on-premises virtualization solutions.

    All of this started with VMware introducing a dedicated hybrid cloud platform called VMware Cloud Foundation. A hybrid cloud platform called VMware Cloud Foundation makes it possible to manage and migrate workloads across on-premises and cloud environments with ease. Furthermore, VMware moved forward with important acquisitions like Bitnami and CloudHealth, which advanced the awareness of cloud computing.

    Benefits of Oracle VMware Partnership

    As a business owner, or a significant decision-maker in the organization, you are constantly looking for returns that you can gain from the partnership between Oracle and VMware.

    Here are some benefits you can expect to leverage from OCVS and future collaborations between Oracle and VMware:

    • Oracle gets to use VMware’s established expertise in virtualization and cloud management tools. A significant number of clients want to tap into the power of cloud as well as virtualization, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution caters to them.
    • VMware gets to leverage the benefits of the most secure cloud platform which helps customers in helping customers reach global markets also.
    • Customers benefit from VMware while they are in familiar environments and using familiar tools and skills.

    Interested in what the partnership between Oracle and VMware has led to ?

    OCVS is the product of the partnership between Oracle and VMware. Read more about it’s capabilities and benefits!

    What Industry Experts Have To Say

    Industry analysts also recognize the significant potential of this partnership:

    • Gartner: "The combination of VMware's enterprise software and Oracle's cloud infrastructure presents a compelling option for organizations seeking a hybrid cloud approach." (Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Infrastructure as a Service, 2023)
    • Forrester: "VMware and Oracle are well-positioned to address the growing demand for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, offering a robust and secure platform for businesses of all sizes." (Forrester Research, "The Future of Cloud Computing: A 2024 Forecast", 2023)

    Looking Ahead: What's in Store for OCVS?

    OCVS presents a wide range of services and features. In addition to those, there are a few features that you can look out for in the future, those are:

    • Enhanced Integration: Expect a closer integration between OCVS and native OCI services. This will help you extend it’s functionalities with the help of additional features.
    • Advanced Security Features: In order to meet the growing demand for reliable cloud data protection as well as compliance-related requirements, you can expected that OCVS will witness additional security feature advances.
    • AI and Automation: By incorporating AI and automation capabilities into OCVS, business processes may be streamlined, resource usage can be optimized, and user experience can be further improved.
    • Containerization Support: As containerization gains popularity, OCVS may see a rise in support for containerized applications that meet the needs of modern development and deployment methodologies.

    Oracle Cloud VMWare Solution

    Needless to say, there are a number of features of OCVS that you should be aware of. They are:

    And much more.

    To know more about them, click here.

    Conclusion: A Symbiotic Journey for Businesses

    Technology alone won't define VMware's future with Oracle Cloud; instead, it will give companies freedom, flexibility, and a route to a prosperous cloud journey. Businesses can successfully traverse the constantly changing IT market, streamlining their operations and attaining long-term success, by utilizing the combined strengths of these industry leaders.

    This blog post examined VMware's situation with Oracle Cloud, both now and in the future. We can anticipate more developments and advances in this strong alliance as the technology evolves, providing an even more alluring value proposition for companies of all kinds.

    To know more about OCVS, and the OCVS services provided by Astute, click here.

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