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    Having physical servers for a production environment may not be a good option for all businesses. Therefore, you can create an infrastructure via virtualization that aligns with your business needs and is more affordable.

    VMware Infrastructure operates on providing better utilization of resources and flexibility by separating the physical servers from the operating systems. It enables you for physical hardware resources over multiple systems and a large amount of virtual resources in the virtual environment.

    If you are considering leveraging VMware systems, Oracle might be your best option.

    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides specialized services, including high availability, a consolidated backup of your virtual data center, and policy-driven resources. This wide range of distributed services cost-effectively helps you achieve business goals.

    In this blog, we have provided an elaborate comparison of different cloud service providers so that you can make a well-informed decision.

    A Comparison With Different Cloud Service Providers

    There are a lot of competitors when it comes to providing cloud services. To make a well-informed decision, you should be aware of the different services others offer. Let’s discover how it stands out from its competitors.

    • VMware Cloud on AWS has the same components as Oracle Cloud VMware, such as NSX-T, vSphere, vSAN, vCenter, and HCX.
    • Regarding control management, in AWS, the management and control are done by AWS and VMware. Whereas, in Oracle there is a customer-managed control.
    • For deployment, AWS is co-located outside AWS VPC, whereas, in Oracle, you can deploy in the customer VCN.
    • Regarding security and updates, you will have vendors retain root credentials, and the vendor controls any updates in AWS. Meanwhile, Oracle offers customer-based control and a customer's root credentials without Oracle access.
    • In Azure, you will have services managed by Microsoft instead of customers.
    • Regarding security and updates, vendors have control in the Azure VMware solution, but in the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, customers get the power.
    • If it’s about having complete system access, then Oracle VMware can be the right option because Azure doesn’t offer full system access.
    • Regarding the connection to other cloud services, Azure runs as a private cloud in the customer’s tenancy, whereas Oracle VMware runs directly in the customer’s virtual cloud networks.
    Google (or GCP)
    • Google VMware cloud engine is managed and supported by Google.
    • Just like other options, Google VMware also gives control to vendors, whether it's about credentials, updates, patches, or upgrades.
    • In terms of version support, GCP supports the 7.0 version. On the other hand, Oracle Cloud supports different versions like 6.5, 6.7, and 7.0.
    • Regarding the availability, the Google VMware cloud engine is available in 13 regions, whereas Oracle VMware is available in more than 40 regions.

    Why choose Oracle Cloud VMware as the best solution?

    • Unlike other service providers, which are under the direct supervision of the vendors, Oracle Cloud gives clients complete management over dedicated environments, including root access.
    • Oracle VMware offers customers a maximum CPU core count of up to 128 while maintaining excellent performance and elasticity.
    • Pricing for Oracle Cloud VMware is the same anywhere in the world.
    • Oracle Cloud VMware Solution gives customers complete control over their network security policies as they put their SDDC within their virtual network.

    Want to Leverage Oracle Cloud VMware Service?

    Let’s help you drive maximum potential from your VMware infrastructure.

    Choose The Most Cost-Effective Solution

    If you are considering how Oracle VMware can be a cost-effective solution for your business, here’s one of the price comparison tables on Oracle Cloud VMware solution and VMware Cloud on AWS.

    Pricing criteria VMware Cloud on AWS Oracle Cloud VMware solution Result
    Price per CPU core $193.04 $93.60 AWS is 2.1 times more expensive than Oracle
    Price per GB RAM $12.06 $2.28 Again, AWS is 5.3 times more expensive compared to Oracle
    Price per TB Storage $202.31 $86.02 Once more, AWS is 1.5 times more expensive than Oracle

    You can compare the OCVS service with other cloud providers as well.

    OCVS is available in 40+ regions, the maximum for any cloud service provider. Moreover, they provide the most cost-effective solution.

    Want to leverage the most affordable VMware Service?

    Save costs, Increase productivity, and drive innovation with OCVS.

    What are the use cases of Oracle Cloud VMware solution?

    Here is a list of use cases to help you understand how the Oracle Cloud VMware solution can help you run an enterprise application efficiently.

    • Off-box virtualization
      Getting complete isolation for increased security and better performance.
    • Custom security chips
      With its zero-trust approach, you will be safe from other tenants.
    • Non-blocking networks
      On-premises networks and cloud networks are designed to function together.
    • L2 Network virtualization
      It natively supports Oracle databases, VMware, and other clustering architectures.
    • RDMA cluster networking
      You can work with compute-intensive workloads with its microsecond latency clusters.
    • Flex infrastructure
      Instead of having an application rewrite, it provides online infrastructure up and down resources.


    Astute Business Solution is an Oracle-certified partner that can assist you with cost-effective solutions and Oracle Cloud VMware Solutions (OCVS). Its reliable cloud services help in reducing the cost of hardware and acquisition.

    Contact us today, if you want to grab the advantages of OCVS for your business.

    With its pool of advanced features, your business can improve the scalability, performance, and availability of applications.

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