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    In the modern era, working with legacy systems can be challenging for businesses. It may create situations that become hard to manage, such as increased technical debt, complexity that hinders performance, difficulty in monetizing fragmented data, security risk, and limited budget.

    You can overcome these consequences by Oracle’s IT Estate Modernization. This effective solution aims to address different aspects of an organization's technology infrastructure while maintaining the user experience and implementing the cloud-first approach.

    Oracle IT Estate Modernization: Reasons to Consider

    • Optimize IT and Reduce Costs

      Modernization of your IT estate helps to reduce the complexity and cost based on your requirements, and it is available wherever your business needs. It can easily achieve the data residency requirements by integrating the cloud into your data center. Additionally, you will be able to accelerate modernization by moving the whole application stack to the cloud as it is.

      During performance optimization, modernization combines the databases to reduce the cost and risk. Through modern API-based services, it can optimize and extend apps. In addition, it has disaster recovery in the cloud that protects on-premises environments and enables you to run Oracle databases in OCI, Azure, or AWS.

    • Enhanced Customer Experience

      Modernization enables the frequent addition of capabilities to existing applications. The integration of new data helps to improve decision-making. AI-driven analytics increase insights and help in the addition of intelligence to applications with pre-trained services. It offers low-latency services that will enhance interconnectivity.

    • Activate and Monetize Data

      The data helps to create new revenue streams and drives business growth. With Oracle's modern data platform, you can improve real-time forecasts and automated processes. In addition, it enhances customer and employee engagement and retention.

    Want to monetize your IT infrastructure?

    Astute offers the IT Estate Modernization solution to develop a robust IT environment.

    How does Oracle IT Modernization optimize the Workflow?

    All IT modernization processes follow a proven, repeatable, and reusable methodology. Through necessary consulting processes and tools, Oracle makes it possible to achieve results with the highest caliber, as determined by metrics that represent how well your IT infrastructure meets the business goals.

    Oracle offers IT Estate Modernization services for companies to transform their IT infrastructure. It helps to create a powerful IT strategy and portfolio of improvements to achieve the business goals and metrics successfully. Oracle's Six Sigma-based methodology easily combines project management technologies and best practices to provide consistently high-quality services.

    This originates from its extensive knowledge and pioneering role in IT innovation across software, infrastructure, and operations. Let’s discover Oracle's proven methodology for IT modernization.

    • Discover: Gather data and analyze the requirements.
    • Synthesis: Creates a data-driven strategy based on the requirements.
    • Design: Next, the design process gets started.
    • Execute and Realize: At last, the process of deployment starts, and the measurement of the outcomes.
    • Sustain: It’s the ongoing process that includes a plan for sustainability.

    The overall process of IT modernization goes through the development of a baseline summary of businesses, such as where they are at present, the alignment of business and IT to accomplish critical initiatives, and the prioritization for the future.

    Often, Oracle has analyzed the most significant advantage for businesses, which is to help them with real-time information on how their infrastructure is performing and achieving their business goals. As a result, it helps in more powerful decision-making. It enables businesses to adapt to market conditions and seize new opportunities easily. This will help you to lead the competition with innovation and enhanced capabilities.

    Modernize your IT infrastructure with Oracle.

    Oracle helps to create powerful strategies and transforms the existing IT infrastructure to help businesses achieve their goals faster.

    IT Estate Modernization: A Continuous Process

    Generally, IT modernization is a matrix of priorities, which encompasses maintenance of the existing environment, enhancement with new technologies, and work that makes your new vision possible.

    The never-ending process of IT modernization has become smarter, more agile, and more connected with business goals. There are several ways to modernize, but it is usually based on where you are and what priorities you consider. Here’s an example for better understanding.

    • Meet Immediate Needs

      You can upgrade the software to access new features. Get access to run workloads on faster systems and hybrid clouds. It can automate and consolidate database operations.

    • Enhancement and augmentation of existing capabilities

      You can integrate the pre-packaged AI services with your existing applications. It will enable you to deploy self-service and app-integrated analytics. In addition, it becomes easy to lift and shift application stacks to the cloud.

    • Transformation and continuous optimization with new technologies

      It enables the implementation of multi-cloud architectures and the development of new AI-enabled applications. You can also replace the existing applications with cloud-native apps.

    Lead the competition with innovation and enhanced capabilities.

    Consider modernizing your IT infrastructure to get advanced capabilities, AI services, multi-cloud architectures, and much more.

    Astute: The best solution for your IT Estate Modernization

    Astute Business Solutions offers Oracle IT Estate Modernization that helps optimize your IT infrastructure and lowers costs through simplified management. We make it easy for businesses like yours to achieve their goals faster by developing a robust IT environment.

    Contact us to modernize your IT infrastructure.

    IT Estate Modernization will deliver a unique experience through a streamlined process that adapts to your business requirements and growth.

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