IT Estate Modernization: Common Challenges and Solutions

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    Modernizing the IT estate makes you stay ahead of the competition and makes your business future ready to quickly adapt to the new changes and requirements in your business. Setting priorities for IT initiatives can be difficult when there are hundreds of data sources to manage, whether they are on-site, in the cloud, or multiple clouds.

    In this blog, we have covered the challenges that businesses usually face during IT Estate Modernization. Along with that, we have provided the best solution to your problems.

    Optimize IT and Reduce Cost: Challenges

    While working on optimization of your IT infrastructure and saving costs, complexity is the biggest disaster you will encounter. Following are the challenges that you might face during the process.

    • It will require a lot of time, workforce, and budget to spend as you have several applications, data sources, and systems over time. Without automation, you will need to work more.
    • If there are multiple copies of data on scattered deployments, then it will lead to increased database infrastructure costs.
    • There will be difficulty in moving the application stacks to the cloud, and you might not be able to get the complete benefits.
    • The speed of packaged applications is insufficient to keep up with the increasing demands of business, and more help from manual administration is needed.
    • Being in the cloud may not be beneficial for you because you may not be able to run the workloads where you need them.

    Here are the significant pointers to overcome these challenges effectively.

    • Oracle supports multiple deployment options. As a result, it helps to create a simplified path to the cloud by reducing the cost, decreasing the complexity, and minimizing the time to implement.
    • Cloud environment provides four classes that make Oracle’s Distributed Cloud Portfolio. It helps to reduce the costs wherever you want to run your applications, whether it's on the cloud or on-premises.
    • Oracle’s public cloud is available in more than 47 regions of 25 countries (approx.). Each cloud region of Oracle provides a set of 100 cloud services developed to run different applications faster and with advanced security.
    • With Oracle's multi-cloud solution, you can combine cloud services from OCI and other clouds. It will help you to attain cost-effectiveness, better functionality, and enhanced performance. Manage data more effectively with enhanced security.
    • We provide Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer service that helps to consolidate the use of resources over the cloud and on-premises environments. Many customers use this approach to move their business-critical Oracle database workloads.
    • Leverage the advantages of the public cloud by complying with regulatory requirements.

    Get seamless IT Modernization Services with Oracle.

    Oracle IT Estate Modernization is a cost-effective solution to modify your IT infrastructure.

    Providing Differentiated Experiences: Challenges

    A great way to attract new customers is to offer them a unique experience. Also, improving the experience of employees will make them productive and happier. Therefore, to make it happen, you might discover some problems, which are listed here.

    • You need to be quick while adding the new capabilities to the existing environment.
    • Starting from scratch for several projects development can be a good option, but it wouldn’t be feasible to do because it involves a lot of time and risk of operational disruption.
    • Several organizations didn’t get the complete benefits while moving their workloads to the cloud. This happens because the functionality offered by their selected cloud service provider doesn’t fit their on-premises application, which leads to more time for migration.
    • There will be complications in the development and deployment of applications if there is fragmented data on specialized databases and services.

    Let’s explore the solutions to resolve these problems quickly.

    • Oracle Cloud provides 100+ different services, including over 60+ public cloud, sovereign cloud, multi-cloud, dedicated cloud, and Cloud@Customer locations.
    • With Oracle Estate modernization, you will get user-focused services, which you can add to existing for the improvisation of interactivity and data presentation.
    • Through Data Integration Services, you can collect data from different sources and formats in a data lake and analyze it with powerful tools.
    • There are low-code development tools and services that enable the development of new applications or improve the existing ones with less coding and less development time as compared to traditional methods.
    • One of the most significant advantages is that Oracle provides pre-trained AI services and custom AI services to add functionality to your existing environment faster.

    Leverage the benefits of IT modernization.

    Astute has several years of hands-on experience in IT Estate Modernization Services. Leverage our expertise starting today!

    Activate and Monetize Data: Challenges

    When you want to activate and monetize data, you might face several challenges during the process. Here are some of the challenges that you need to overcome.

    • Generally, data is stored in isolated silos, which are analyzed by isolated applications. However, it makes it difficult for individuals or teams to get an overall view (360-degree view) of what’s going on.
    • Due to unknown data timeliness, origin, and lineage, data and insights could not be reliable.
    • Your applications should be able to adjust to the evolving business requirements and data sources.
    • Using traditional analytics methods to find insights from the data in bulk will be difficult to do.

    Let’s discover how Oracle’s Modern Data Platform can help you transform your data estate.

    • It can perform transaction processing, data warehousing, analytics, and data lakes while ensuring security, performance, and data governance.
    • It enables you to implement the modern data platform in different ways with the use of few services, less integrations, low cloud consumption, and reduced cost than alternative options.
    • Its core services include application development, analytics, and AI/ML tools. Many of the tools are integrated into the core data services to make it easy to use without using any subscription for additional services.
    • It is connected to the cloud, and Oracle has a distributed cloud solution that can be deployed virtually wherever you need it.

    Activate and Monetize your Data with Oracle.

    Oracle’s IT Estate Modernization is an effective solution that ensures security, performance, data governance, and much more with its Modern Data Platform service.


    Being an Oracle-certified Partner, Astute provides different services and solutions you need for the modernization of your IT infrastructure.

    Contact us today and get the best assistance to achieve your business goals faster with a seamless process of IT Estate Modernization.

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