Keeping up With Modern Systems with Estate Modernization

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    Legacy systems have been serving you well for a long time. Yet, they are unable to accommodate the needs of an evolving market.

    Is this what you are facing?

    Then maybe it's time for an estate modernization.

    In this blog, we discuss the challenges you might be facing without choosing to deploy an estate modernization strategy.

    Keep reading to know more.

    Challenges Faced with Outdated Systems

    • Technical debt always comes back.

      Leaders in IT are aware of the unavoidable effects of taking shortcuts. Although they might seem effective at the time, shortcuts and quick fixes often result in fragmented data, segregated apps, and a surge of complexities. You are not only slowed down by this complexity but your resources are also exhausted. According to a McKinsey report, technical debt can account for as much as 40% of an organization's IT spending. This is an alarming fact for business owners.

    • Your IT Infrastructure is Complex

      Legacy applications offer more challenges than modern-day estates. These challenges stall business growth, make data analysis and leveraging actionable insights through data more difficult, take more time than required, require heavier investments, and expose your data to security threats.

      You wouldn't be able to leverage new-age tools such as AI/ML models, which increase the amount of manual tasks you require your team to complete.

      We also have heard that users of legacy applications have to go through a large rewrite project that takes lots of time, which means enhanced business disruptions.

    • Sprawling Data

      Businesses lose sight of the far vision with data. They deal with multiple data sources continuously and hence they find their data scattered around sources.

      If your infrastructure is dealing with anything like that, chances are that your business is drowning in a sea of disconnected and unorganized data.

      Data should drive actionable insights and aid in the decision-making process effectively. Prioritize data integration and ensure seamless integration across all data sources to identify and leverage new trends and opportunities.

    • Security Concerns

      It is overwhelming to update systems, and legacy systems regularly can expose you to external vulnerabilities.

      If you want to be in charge of a system that is immune from data disasters, the infrastructure needs to be easy and fast to deploy, up to date, and able to match its pace with emerging AI and ML technologies.

    • Limited budgets

      As an enterprise, you might have a minimal budget.

      This leads you to make more decisions concerning which parts you should be modernizing and how far you should go into it.

      As an enterprise, you might decide to pick a small project or get more significant returns even if you have to invest in higher costs.

      With enhanced focus on the required performance, availability, and scalability, you might not have the necessary budget to bolster your business while you refactor applications.

    Facing Challenges With Legacy Applications?

    Astute can help you overcome these challenges with ease.

    Key Benefits of Estate Modernization

    Estate Modernization helps you overcome all these challenges with a modernized workload. Here is the impact of modernizing your estates:

    • Reducing technical debt

      By eliminating legacy applications and outdated systems, you will be able to reduce technical debt and increase the profitability of your business.

      We will talk more about the capabilities of modernizing with specialized tools such as autonomous databases and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes.

    • Drive innovation and achieve faster time to value.

      It is imperative to be innovative in order to stay competitive and generate increased value. Oracle allows you to leverage new-age technologies such as AI/ML and deploy cloud-native, mobile, and data-driven applications quickly.

    • Integrate data to reduce complexity.

      Modernizing your data system allows you to generate real-time insights and evolve faster. We already have a few blogs that highlight the advantages of Oracle Modern Data Platform; you can refer to them for more knowledge.

      Oracle Modern Data Platform helps you leverage comprehensive services, including Oracle Integration, analytics, and AI services.

    • Improve Cybersecurity

      By deploying a well-planned estate modification plan, you can protect, encrypt, and access your data with increased security.

    • Cost-effective solution

      OCI will help you deliver results quickly. It allows you to move mission-critical workloads to the cloud, and you can easily refactor applications with almost zero downtime.

    Leverage the benefits of Estate Modernization

    Get the most out of your modernization and drive enhanced results.

    The Astute Advantage

    Interested in Estate Modernization?

    We have a lot of resources that might help you gain more knowledge on Estate modernization in our website.

    Astute can help you modernize your IT estates to achieve business goals seamlessly.

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