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    There is a Modern data platform out there, designed to cater to the needs of new age businesses and also address several other needs such as:

    • Meet the end-to-end data needs of an organization so that data can easily flow to different sources and aid in the decision making process.
    • Provide an integrated environment that supports different data types.
    • Support database capabilities for Online Transaction Processing and Data Warehousing
    • Efficient data analysis through AI and ML to identify failures and vulnerabilities at the onset.

    And much more.
    But it is challenging to find such a platform. So, many organizations resort to an obsolete platform that slows them down.

    Challenges with Traditional Data platforms

    Unfortunately, most organizations still face the wrath of miscalculated decisions because of discrepancies in their data.

    To combat with the challenge of an obsolete data platform, many organizations resort to equate a data platform with a data lake that proves as a cost-effective way for data storage. But there are many considerations with that too, such as:

    • Lack of a structure or a format in data lakes many organizations forces organizations to intigrate multiple custom tools to derive meaning from their data.
    • Data lakes are not designed for high performance.
    • The above challenges might cause the requirement of a data scientist for you, which destroys the goal of an efficient data platform i.e., to be accessible by all decision makers.

    It is very challenging to find a modern data platform that suits your needs. You will find that many data platforms have very limited functionality. They might not be able to address the needs of your organization in terms of the data format or other technologies such as data integration, transaction processing, data lakes, artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), and analytics.

    To extract maximum potential from these data platforms, it is imperative that you add complexity in your working infrastructure.

    Organizations usually end up creating their own platform for data management which adds to the complexity. Or they attempt to extend a single-purpose data platform which is a faint semblance of various different put together parts making data management more difficult than it needs to be.

    Overcome challenges of traditional data platforms

    Move to Oracle Modern Data Platform and leverage higher performance.

    Features of Oracle Modern Data Platform

    Oracle Modern Data Platform helps businesses to:

    • Multi-purpose to address the needs of your requirements regardless of whether you need transaction oriented or analytics focused workloads.
    • Instead of data platform vendors that provide you multiple database services, you should have access to a single platform that enables you to work with all workloads.
    • Pre-integrated, next generation platforms that are able to manage and extract more value from all their data assets.
    • The data platform should require minimal integration, incur low setup costs, evolve with changing technology and do so much more.

    Here are the features of the Oracle Data Platform on OCI:

    Data Integration:
    Organizations often posses large amounts of data that needs to be transferred soehwehere else fo use. OCI has GoldenGate, Data Integration, and other services that automate data movement, transformation and quality control.

    The modular approach also allows users to easily incorporate third party and custom data integration tools into your workflow.

    Data Consolidation:
    Support multiple data types such as relational, graph, spatial, document, and ledgers. Reduce the number of services used by a converged database.

    Autonomous Database:
    Fully automated database service combines Oracle Database with ML-based automation and high-availability of Exadata in OCI. It supports tow types of Exadata deployment choices:

    • Shared
    • Dedicated

    It supports built-in transaction processing, analytics, ML, and AI capabilities. It also allows advanced data sharing methods to make accurate and time-seneitive data accessible across teams that aids in decision making.

    Data Lakes
    Data lakes are repositories for structured, smei-structures, and unstructured data in any format and any size. They enable secure data sharing and integrate seamlessly with other OCI services to extract value from complex data.

    Data lakes are repositories for structured, smei-structures, and unstructured data in any format and any size. They enable secure data sharing and integrate seamlessly with other OCI services to extract value from complex data.

    They essentially help your teams to transparently access and process data without having to learn additional skills.

    Technical Features of Oracle Modern Data Platform

    Let’s dive deep into the technical aspects of Oracle modern data Platform and understand what makes it different from other service offerings.

    • OCI makes for an excellent platform for OLTP(Online Transaction Processing) because exadata delivers lower input/output (IO) latency and faster IO per second rate.
    • Exadata smart scan allows analytical queries and ML training algorithms to run faster than on other algorithms
    • The minimum configuration can use upto 252 databases cores + 190 TB of usable storage. Fully scaled exadata systems in OCI can have 4000 AMD EPYC processor cores for database processing with up 3PB of database capacity and 30PB of data warehouse capacity.
    • You can also extend the benefits of the Oracle Data Platform with AMD EPYC processors and allow for smoother operations, real-time insights, better customer experiences and much more.
    • Increase the database reseilinece by increased disaster recovery capabilities built into the technology that allows revovery with minimal distribution.

    Bring a competitive advantage to your working infrastructure

    Get advanced technical expertise in your working infrastructure with Oracle Modern Data Platform.

    We hope that you were able to understand the comprehensive suite of services offered by Oracle Modern Data Platform on OCI. To understand other aspects of using tjis technology like the business outcomes and expert opinion, refer to our other blogs.

    At Astute, we also provide specialized services custom-tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Reach out to us by contacting us here.

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