Database Management: Challenges and Solutions For Businesses

Is increasing database workload becoming difficult to manage? Businesses are constantly getting information in large amounts, but keeping it organized, secure, and accessible is a big challenge.

In this blog, we have covered the challenges of database management and the solutions to overcome them with Oracle Autonomous Database.

Statistics on Database Management

Managing databases can be complicated and costly for many organizations. Let’s discover the statistics on database management.

  • 93% of IT decision-makers have observed that complexity in storing and managing databases obstructs digital transformation. (
  • Cybersecurity is seen as a risk to companies by 88% of CEOs. IT security and risk management investments can grow to 11.3% in 2023. (Gartner)
  • 78% of executives have shared that they have received a larger amount of data from multiple sources than ever before. (Digitizing Polaris)

Overcome the Challenges of Database Management With Oracle Autonomous Database.

Astute is offering Oracle Autonomous Database to automate all database management tasks, enhance performance, and reduce risk.

Challenges of Database Management

Here are the two major challenges of database management.

High Cost and Risk to Run and Maintain

Let’s discover the common concerns of businesses related to increased cost and risk while running and maintaining their databases.

  • Maintaining a data ecosystem is expensive, requires more time, and is not secure.
  • There is complexity in capacity planning and business continuity; it is also costly and may lead to significant risk.
  • Managing high-performance data pipelines requires more resources.
Barriers to Innovation

Many businesses face barriers to innovation during database management. Let’s discover the common concerns here.

  • The development process of modern applications gets slow due to the management of separate systems of transactions.
  • Purpose-built applications result in the formation of disconnected data stores and delays in business insights.
  • It becomes hard to fulfill the requirement of different data residency over multiple clouds and operations.

Solution of Database Management

Oracle Autonomous Database is the best solution for managing databases. Here are the key pointers to overcome those challenges.

Cost-Effective, Better Performance, and Low Risk

Let’s discover how Oracle Autonomous Database will help you reduce cost and risk while ensuring improved performance.

  • Eliminates the need for manual work by automating the operations like auto-patching. It offers built-in security and compliance.
  • It offers auto-scale and enterprise business continuity.
  • It helps with built-in data tools and open data sharing.
Simplify and Accelerate Time to Value

Let’s discover how Oracle Autonomous Database will help you reduce the complexity of database management and offer quick results.

  • It offers a unified platform for transactions and analytics with built-in Machine Learning (ML).
  • It helps you with converged databases, which can be used for any data and development language.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database provides an integrated data ecosystem and support for multiple clouds.

Leverage the Power of Oracle Autonomous Database With Astute.

We will help you get the maximum benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database for your business.

How Does Oracle Autonomous Database Simplify Everyday Operational Tasks?

Here are the key features of Oracle Autonomous Database.

Automated Security
  • It installs the most recent security updates automatically and regularly.
  • Secures all data automatically while it’s in motion, at rest, and when backed up to guard against malicious software.
  • It automatically protects against unauthorized user access to sensitive data and unauthorized database changes.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database helps fulfill the industry, regulatory, and corporate security standards through its built-in Database Vault.
Automated Scaling
  • It helps with automated scaling for changing workloads.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database offers zero downtime without affecting your database performance.
  • It offers a pay-for-use model that helps to minimize the costs.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database turns off computing for idle systems and quickly restarts when needed.
  • It can automatically shut down and start when needed.
Automated Backups
  • Oracle Autonomous Database eliminates the need for manual backups and offers fully managed, automated backups.
  • It takes a complete backup every 60 days combined with weekly cumulative and daily incremental backups.
  • It enables you to recover or restore a database whenever you need it within the last 60 days.
  • It helps in the deployment of fault-tolerant and highly available mission-critical databases.
  • It automates the scaling of compute resources and allows for true pay-per-use.
  • When you start provisioning the Autonomous Database, you will get the option to select patch level.
  • It enables you to view maintenance and patch history.
  • It helps optimize data warehouse workloads through the auto-configuration of databases.
  • It simplifies and automates design decisions and eliminates guesswork from data management through automatic partitioning and indexing.
  • There are predefined maintenance windows that help automate patching.
Automated Tuning
  • Oracle Autonomous Database helps to capture, identify, and monitor SQL statement execution.
  • It improves the performance by automatically optimizing SQL statements.
  • It enables viewing the time range for performance data (like Active Session History) analytics details over different dimensions by using a performance hub.

Astute helps businesses re-platform to Oracle Autonomous Database. It has resulted in enhanced performance and improved business outcomes. Contact us to get support for your database management.

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