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In the world of technological advancements, businesses are looking for solutions that can easily manage their large amounts of data. With traditional database management, it becomes difficult to manage the increasing demands of modern data and enhanced security. Additionally, manual database management is wrapped in endless patching, performance tuning, and security updates.

Choose Oracle’s autonomous database solution for businesses to automate time-consuming tasks and complex processes. In addition, there will be more time to accomplish the other strategic tasks. In this blog, we will explore the capabilities of autonomous databases and their benefits.

Components of Autonomous Database

  • Data Warehousing:

    It works on several activities related to business intelligence and uses the data that has been prepared in advance for analysis. The data warehouse can manage all the operations of the database lifecycle, query scanning on millions of rows, capability to fulfill business requirements, and deployment in seconds.

  • Transactional Processing:

    It works on time-based transaction processes, like real-time analytics, customization, and fraud detection. In transactional processing, there are fewer records based on predefined operations, and this enables the development and deployment of simple applications.

Automate your database management effectively!

The process of Oracle database management and update implementation can be easily automated with Autonomous Database Services.

Why Choose an Autonomous Database?

There are several benefits of using an autonomous database. Here, we have listed the key features that it offers.

  • Auto-Provisioning

    Mission-critical databases that are fault-tolerant and highly available are automatically deployed. It offers protection during server failure and enables update implementation while apps are running.

  • Auto-Configuration

    It can automatically configure the databases to start optimization for specific workloads. Optimization includes memory configuration, data formats, and access structures.

  • Auto-Indexing

    It performs automatic monitoring of workload and detection of missing indexes for accelerated applications. Before implementation, it validates each index to ensure its advantage. Learn from its own mistakes by making use of machine learning.

  • Auto-Scaling

    When there is a requirement through workload, it starts scaling compute resources automatically. It is performed online while the application is continuously running.

  • Automated Data Protection

    Through a unified management console, it automatically starts protecting sensitive and regulated data in the database. Moreover, it checks the security of configuration, users, and unusual database activities.

  • Automated Security

    It performs automated encryption for the entire database, backups, and network connections. It saves from phishing attacks by providing no access to OS or admin authority. Whether it's about the protection of cloud operations or any malicious internal users, autonomous database management protects the system from both.

  • Auto-Backups

    It automatically takes a daily backup of the database and makes it easy to recover or restore the database at any time you define in the last 60 days.

  • Auto-Patching

    There will be automated upgradation or patching with zero downtime. Applications keep running while round-robin patching takes place on servers or cluster nodes.

  • Automated detection and Resolution

    Without long timeouts, hardware failures are automatically predicted by using pattern recognition. It avoids database hangs by immediately redirecting IOs around unhealthy devices. Automatically generates service requests for any deviation by continuous monitoring of each database.

  • Automatic Failover

    In the autonomous database, there will be zero data loss during automatic failover. It’s completely transparent to end-user applications and offers 99.995% SLA.

Need an effective solution to manage your database?

Choose Oracle's autonomous database management, which helps you with smooth processing and advanced security features.

Benefits of Autonomous Database

  • Automation eliminates the need to perform manual tasks and the risk of human errors.
  • Unlike other services, Oracle autonomous databases enable users to spend less and improve performance.
  • There will be no more barriers to innovation, as Oracle's autonomous database simplifies the tasks and accelerates the time-to-value.
  • It offers deployment choices based on your cloud and data requirements. Examples are public cloud, customer data center, and multi-cloud.
  • Reduces cost and improves productivity by automating routine tasks such as patching (or bug fixing), security, and more.
  • Cloud-based database servers have the capability to expand and reduce computing and memory resources quickly. Moreover, computing resources can be shut down on weekends to save money and restart again on working days.
  • Autonomous database management incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for monitoring, management, and analytics.


Data generated today is extensive and needs to be managed quickly and efficiently. Therefore, autonomous database management will help you easily manage Oracle data on the cloud and securely deliver business-critical data.

Let us know if you want any assistance in autonomous database management.

Astute Business Solutions offers Oracle database services that help effectively manage large amounts of data, smooth running processes, and provide enhanced security.

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