Do you need the Oracle Modern Data Platform?

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    Over the last two blogs, we have covered a brief introduction and features of Oracle Modern Data Platform.

    With Oracle Modern data platform, you can perform better data management operations under a comprehensive platform.

    In this blog, we will be talking about:

    • Real-life case studies and customer stories that motivate you to be strong on the migration journey.
    • Use cases for different types of industries.
    • How you can overcome challenges offered by other data platform.

    Oracle’s Modern Data Platform Features

    After reading our previous blogs, you know that you will be able to overcome the following challenges with the Oracle Modern Data Platform:

    • Cost and scalability
    • Physical security
    • Maintenance and redundancy
    • Data backup and recovery
    • Resource management
    • Data transfer and integration
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Adaptability to change

    But if you are still unsure if Oracle Modern Data Platfrom is the right choice for you based on your industry,keep reading to make a well-informed decision.

    Leverage comprehensive features of the Oracle Modern Data Platform

    We can help you deploy seamlessly and achieve your business goals.

    Industry Specific Use Cases

    Oracle has a strong legacy with data management. They have created the modern data platform by considering certain use cases for specific industries:

    Financial services:

    The finance sector gets overburdened by changing regulations and compliance pressures. Here’s how Oracle Data Platform can benefit the financial sector:

    • Hyper-personalized customer experience:
      Analyze customer behaviour and financial data to identify trends, make more-informed business decisions and enhance the customer experience by real-time product recommendations.
    • Prevent frauds:
      Accurate predictions through pattern and anomaly detection by advanced AI/ML algorithms to detect and prevent potential fraud while meeting your regualtory requirements.
    • Calculate risks:
      Oracle Data Platform has the ability to process large amounts of data and provide real-time risk assessment that helps organizations in te finance sector to make data driven investment decisions.
    • Operational efficiency: Minimize data silos, and get real-time insights into operational performance, help your organization identify areas of improvement.

    The healthcare sector is in growing need for better data management techniques. From addressing sensitive phone calls and national databases, working professionals in the healthcare industry would do with better data management processes.

    • Population Healthcare management
      Data acquisition, management and storage to gain efficient insights while limiting data silos.
    • Optimize medical staff workloads and case management
      Simplify the workload management of medical staff by analyzing data and improving the efficiency of staff management.
    • Value-based care with perfomance monitoring
      Improve outcomes for patient’s healths and the organization’s financial well being.
    • Supply chain optimization
      Democratize data management across teams by offering accessibility to aid the decision making process.

    Retailers deal with constantly evolving business problems and they need better systems to continuously optimize their inventory and deliver better customer experiences. Here’s how retailers can use the Oracle Modern Data Platform:

    • Understand customer demands better Understand customer demands better
      Improve marketing strategies based on the customer’s location and offer personalized experiences that will help you build better relationships as well as increase your lead conversion rates.
    • Live Data Analysis
      Make better decisions by integrating your transaction database to your analytics solution, it will allow you to analyze raw data more accurately.
    • Price Optimization
      Retailers need strategic pricing to gain market advantage. Oracle Data Platform can help organizations align their pricing models with changing market trends.

    Other industries such as manufacturing, utilities and communications can also benefit from the Oracle modern data platform.

    Want to know how the Oracle Modern Data Platform will help your Organization?

    We will discuss your business goals and offer custom-made solutions.

    Oracle Modern Data Platform Services

    Oracle Data Platform comes with a bunch of other products and services that help you manage your data effectively, such as:

    • Data Integration: Extend the capabilities of your system with the help of data integration services of OCI Modern Data Platform.
    • Transaction Processing: Streamline application development on a scalable and secure database service.
    • Data Warehousing: Make it simpler to analyze and gain insights from your data.
    • AI and Machine learning: Gain accurate insights from technologically advanced AI/ML models.
    • Analytics/ visualization: Derive actionable insights from your data and make well-informed decisions.
    • Application development: Make your development process more efficient.

    Considering to Deploy Oracle Modern Data Platform?

    Astute Business Solutions is committed to providing data-driven IT solutions to organizations and empower them to have access to streamline working process and achieve complete reliability on technology.

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