Different Use Cases of Oracle Database Hardware

Increased databases and evolving business requirements are raising the need to extend the capabilities of their Oracle Database through hardware, offering maximum compatibility with the system.

Many organizations have found Oracle Database Hardware to be one of the best solutions for improving their database performance, simplifying management, and minimizing cost. Oracle Hardware offers a complete set of scalable engineered systems, servers, and storage that helps in application optimization and data protection.

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In this blog, we will discover more about the businesses with Oracle Database Hardware.


MONETA bank in the Czech Republic ranks as the fourth-largest financial institution, with 1.5 million clients and a network of 160 branches.

In 2016, MONETA implemented two Exadata Quarter Racks on its premises as a crucial component of its IT infrastructure plan. The installation was expanded in 2021 by purchasing two additional Exadata Quarter Racks. It resulted in rapid growth but increased the need for more storage and database resources.

Making a decision to acquire another on-premises database or move to the cloud was difficult. Moreover, they needed help in maintaining low latency between their database engines. As a result, they needed to place their Operational Data Store nearer to the internet and branch applications as much as possible.

Plus, they wanted to increase database flexibility that helps in critical banking applications for managing the addition of new customers and associated data.

How did Oracle help?

MONETA bank selected Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and increased their operational flexibility, storage capabilities, and data warehouse performance. Here are the outcomes they have obtained.

  • Due to its capability to provision new environments faster, they have achieved increased flexibility.
  • One of the main benefits is providing end-to-end, always-on encryption for all the stored and operated data, and it is backed up with customer-owned encryption keys.
  • It becomes simpler to follow the Czech Republic's data residency regulations.
  • It reduced the efforts required in tasks like maintenance and infrastructure patching by migrating to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.
  • Moving to Oracle Public Cloud helped them to prevent high latency and offered low latency between 300+ Oracle Database instances and the bank’s applications.

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Different industries with Astute are getting the optimum benefits of Oracle Database Hardware and making their business grow effortlessly.


Zonamerica has a vision to create a unique economic zone in Colombia for businesses that generate 2% of the country’s GDP through its knowledge-based services. They wished to replicate the success of the Uruguayan company, which has successfully completed this within its home country, and now they have started for Colombia. Out of 23 buildings, three of them have already been built.

Their crucial aspect is to provide architecturally modern facilities crafted for knowledge-based services (encompassing telecommunications and technology infrastructure) in a campus environment where talented people desire to work and businesses can expand.

How did Oracle help?

In addition to physical infrastructure, Zonamerica Colombia offers hosted computing infrastructure services with the help of Oracle equipment. It enabled them to provide customers with infrastructure as a service with robust security, redundancy, and low latency times.

According to the words of Alejandro Peláez, the business development manager of Zonamerica Colombia, thanks to Oracle, which helped Zonamerica to position it as a one-stop shop for high specifications (at the real estate level as well as at an IT service provider), for the companies with worldwide customer base and need high service standards.

They preferred to choose Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) because it can provide an infrastructure to attract businesses that rely on technology. Here are the results they have achieved with Oracle.

  • Oracle PCA works well with the company's real estate business model and helps in the value proposition of Zonamerica. Also, it offered enhanced service availability and performance.
  • Oracle's solutions helped in the easy execution of its commercial and operational strategies, such as attracting international companies that require technologies to stand out in their industry.
  • It helped to increase scalability, resource optimization, and higher performance.
  • The cost of infrastructure management decreased by 40% through Oracle PCA.
  • It helped to increase the competitiveness of zone tenants because of its powerful cost-performance ratio.
  • The provision of new environments becomes 60% faster, and backup process automation speed increases by 20%.

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