Oracle Database Hardware: Sell & Buy For High-Performance

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    The continuous management of unused database hardware in an organization is affecting the performance and growth of the business. That’s why companies are looking for an effective solution to manage their business operations but at an affordable cost.

    Resold Oracle Database Hardware is one of the best ways to overcome the problems with existing database hardware. Another way to overcome this problem is to buy the resold hardware at a low cost instead of buying new hardware. Let’s discover more about Oracle Database hardware and how it can be a budget-friendly solution for your business.

    Why Choose Oracle Database Hardware?

    Oracle Database Hardware gives access to exclusive features and automated operations at an affordable cost, which makes it different from other solutions. It is an effective solution to improve your database performance and simplify management. Let’s discover the benefits of Oracle Database Hardware.

    • Increased Efficiency

      Oracle hardware enables the deployment of optimized solutions in customer data centers. Additionally, appliance management becomes simpler in remote offices and edge environments.

    • Easy Integration

      Built-in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integrations offer easy development and deployment of cloud-native applications across OCI and customer data centers, data storage in the public cloud, simplified data protection, and cloud migration.

    • Higher Availability

      You can increase the availability of mission-critical Oracle databases and applications with Oracle IT infrastructure.

    • Reduced Costs

      Oracle hardware helps to cut down the cost required for running on-premises workloads by reducing the number of systems needed, providing high performance per software license, and minimizing the IT staff workloads.

    Want To Leverage The Power Of Oracle Database Hardware?

    Astute Business Solutions provides Oracle Database Hardware to organizations for enhancing the efficiency of their business operations.

    Types of Oracle Database Appliances

    Here is the list of different types of Oracle Database Appliances.

    • Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

      Using this appliance helps to provide more data protection. During the whole process, it offers continuous database protection, 50x accelerated backups, 8x recoveries, and data protection from ransomware attacks.

    • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

      It is designed for Oracle workloads and cloud integration because it offers a high-performance storage system. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance will help you to operate different types of workloads with increased performance.

    • Database Appliance

      It is one of the most cost-effective solutions for all types of businesses. You can use Database Appliances to deploy and manage databases, applications, and infrastructure. It will help you to reduce downtime and cost by automating the processes within your data systems.

    • Engineered Systems

      Oracle Engineered Systems enable businesses to quickly operate mission-critical customer workloads at an affordable cost during automated administrative tasks.

    • Oracle Exadata Database Machine

      It offers features like swift transaction processing, analytics, and in-database machine learning. With these features, you will be able to enhance customer experience and business insights. Additionally, Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides simplified data centers through Database Consolidation and reduced TCO.

    • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

      It offers you the benefits of a cloud-like environment while following the data residency requirements.

    Get Oracle Database Hardware In Your Organization.

    Astute helps businesses get the most out of Oracle Database Appliances and protect their business-critical databases.

    Oracle Database Hardwares: Advantages of Selling

    Selling the unused database hardware will help you get more time and money for better investment. Here are the benefits of selling Oracle Database hardware.

    • Improves ROI

      There will be no more costs to maintain, power, and cooling required for unused database hardware. It will help you to get the optimum advantages through Oracle Database Hardware Selling.

    • Enhanced Scalability

      If there is no more need for on-premises hardware, as you want to migrate to the cloud, then it’s beneficial for you to resell your Oracle Database Hardware.

    • Reduced Environmental Impact

      You can minimize the environmental impact created by running and maintaining the hardware that is not in use. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons to resell your Oracle database appliances, such as upgrades, cloud migration, and changing business requirements.

    Overcome The Problem Of Managing Unused Database Hardware.

    Sell your Database Hardware to Oracle-certified partners like Astute and get the benefits of specific configurations by purchasing resold appliances.

    Oracle Database Hardware: Advantages of Buying Resold

    Let’s discover the benefits of Resold Oracle Database Appliances.

    • Cost-Effective

      It is a budget-friendly solution for your organization, as it offers major discounts on resold appliances and eliminates the higher investment required for buying Oracle Database Hardware.

    • Increased Accessibility

      Getting access to specific configurations is difficult, but considering the resale market makes it possible for you.

    • Specific Configurations

      If you want to use database appliances for specific business requirements, then you can opt for resold appliances. It includes specific configurations that your organization is actively looking for.


    If you still need to learn more about Oracle Database Hardware, get in touch with the experts of Astute Business Solutions. Based on your specific requirements, we will assist you with the most suitable option that offers optimum benefits for your organization.

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