Industry-Specific Use Cases of Oracle Database Upgrade

We have observed some organizations are less likely to prefer to upgrade their Oracle database. Here’s why.

  • No time for a database upgrade
  • Low budget to upgrade their Oracle database
  • Prefer to use database release certified with their apps
  • Unable to manage their applications if they are offline while upgrading databases

Oracle Database Upgrade 19c is designed to overcome the problems of managing and optimizing databases. Here are the key pointers.

  • Available at affordable prices
  • Provides automation and guidance to leverage the benefits of cloud with minimal disruption
  • Multi-layered security features
  • Assists you to get the optimum benefits of data by allowing you for multi-data and multi-workload applications through Oracle’s converged database

Here is the list of businesses that have successfully upgraded their existing Oracle Database to 19c.

Want to upgrade your Oracle Database?

Many businesses have upgraded their existing Oracle Database with Astute Business Solutions.


Neustar works with a business-critical cloud-based analytics system known as ElementOne. It supports 50 billion business transactions every day.

Their solution leads to custom segmentation, real-time lead scoring, and market analytics. It helps the business's SaaS customers to analyze the conversion of users in real time. Their ElementOne platform needed to unify data from over 200 sources and continuously run 24/7.

It gives real-time information on the performance of marketing programs and store sitting plans as critical data needs to be available when needed, and workflows should be highly secure, scalable, and reliable.

How did Oracle help them?

Enhancing the performance is challenging for Neustar because it enables businesses to provide real-time data to customers. However, Oracle’s converged database provided support for Spatial, JSON, and more. Additionally, Oracle helped to handle and process data from several sources without the need for communication and management associated with specialized databases. Let’s discover more about what they have achieved so far.

  • Neustar’s customers experienced better performance and productivity.
  • It enabled real-time analytics almost 24/7. As a result, customer confidence in getting more of the company’s ElementOne solution has increased.
  • Also, it enabled adding new customers while maintaining the same service standards.
  • Oracle Database 19c offered native diagnosis capabilities, eliminating the need to create and maintain their own parsing and error-checking logic. As a result, their overall performance increased by 2X - 3X.
  • Upgrading the Oracle Database has improved the company’s spatial analysis and made it 300 times faster than earlier.


Caixa Bank is among the largest banks in Spain, with more than 5000 branches. Regarding innovation and technology, it is the highest-ranking bank in Spain.

The beginning of conversion through digital finance in the Spanish banking industry has brought an idea for Caixa to increase its digital potential by providing machine learning and analytics solutions. Additionally, they wanted to scale up with the increased data volume, better security regulations, and unified and consolidated data access.

How did Oracle help them?

Caixa preferred to choose Oracle because it delivered the unified performance and accessibility that they were looking for. Oracle offered different tools and features, streamlined internal processes, and external access for better accuracy and efficiency.

  • Enhanced performance by targeting the environment’s stabilization.
  • Oracle Machine Learning made it possible to get quick results over the board in several processes. Also, it offered the transformation of risk analysis for loan grants.
  • It offered complex algorithm execution capabilities. As a result, there was a 7% increase in the accuracy improvement of models, which increased 12% profits on loans.
  • It simplified and streamlined their complex processes and saved 60,000 hours of human effort across all branch employees.

Get new functionalities with Oracle Database Upgrade.

Upgrading to the new release of Oracle Database is helping businesses to grow and work more efficiently.


Nomadvantage, located in Paris, is the developer of OpenPharma. It helps pharmaceutical laboratories and pharma service providers with a collection of CRM software. Its software is hosted in its own infrastructure and managed by staffers 24/7 in its two data centers in France.

However, they examined that their infrastructure needs to be updated and requires more money to maintain, back up, and secure. It was also challenging to deploy to customers, specifically in markets overseas. Nomadvantage also needed a global cloud solution for better operations and to follow international regulations, both national and regional.

How did Oracle help them?

Nomadvantage chose Oracle for its core software product. Let’s discover what outcomes they received.

  • Earlier, the infrastructure deployment took 15 days, but the company managed to get it done in 3 days in its data center. But now, they are able to deploy in a few minutes with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, they are able to grow outside of France.
  • It increased market credibility and on-demand scalability.

Learn more about Oracle Database Upgrade with Astute Business Solutions. We will help you to enhance the capabilities of your existing Oracle Database with a new release.

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