Oracle Database Upgrade: Increase Uptime and Decrease Downtime

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    Upgradation of databases offers you enhanced capabilities and integration of the latest tools and technologies in your data center. When you upgrade your existing database from the older version, there will be the addition of new features, increased innovation, and decreased cost.

    Oracle resources offer extensive upgrade packages that help in a fast and secure upgrade to Oracle Databases. Many businesses have achieved better outcomes by upgrading their Oracle databases to new releases like 19c and 23c.

    Oracle Database Upgrade 19c and 23c are “long-term releases” that offer maximum stability and planning reliability. You can learn more about the benefits of using these new versions in this blog.

    Want to Upgrade your Oracle Database?

    Astute is providing Oracle Database Upgrade services to its customers with advanced functionalities.

    Why Need to Upgrade Oracle Database?

    Oracle Database Upgrades are beneficial for businesses as they not only give you access to better technologies but also help resolve the existing problems with the older versions of databases. Here are some more benefits of upgrading your Oracle databases.

    • Improved Data Security
      Oracle Databases offers automated security and patching with zero downtime. It will also help you to enhance the security of your databases.
    • Advanced Capabilities
      Developing modern data-driven applications is challenging, but upgrading your database can minimize the development complexity. It provides support for different types of modern data, workloads, and development styles.
    • Host Multiple Workloads
      You can host multiple workloads with Oracle Database. It eliminates the complexity of using separate point databases for isolated workloads with Oracle. Upgrading to new releases gives you access to inherit the same proven fundamental abilities.
    • Simplified Migration to the Cloud
      It helps you to migrate with zero downtime and at a lower cost. For instance, Oracle Gen 2 Cloud can help you with quick migration to the cloud.
    • Go-Live Assistance
      Oracle Database Upgrades provides a go-live assistance plan that includes three continuous eight-hour days of support at the time of go-live.

    Fix your Oracle database problems with the latest upgrades.

    Oracle Database Upgrade will offer you enhanced capabilities, multi-layered security, and much more.

    Benefits of Upgrading to 19c

    Here are the beneficial factors of the Oracle database upgrade to 19c.

    • Automatic Indexing
      Upgrading to 19c offers you automatic indexing. Database indexing helps to increase the speed of data fetching.
    • Oracle Data Guard Improvements
      Database upgrade 19c comes with minor improvements, such as the ability to actively change the data guard’s standby database for fast-start failover. It becomes easy to manage the database parameters via Oracle’s SQL*Plus utility. Additionally, it helps in data manipulation language redirection in active data guard.
    • User-Friendly Enhancements
      With the 19c upgrade, you can create a more accessible interface for users with less coding expertise and simplify the connection.
    • Additional Features
      Formerly paid features of Oracle are freely available with a 19c database upgrade. For example, you don’t need to buy an in-memory option because it offers 16 gigabytes of in-memory storage.
    • SQL Quarantines
      You can easily eliminate the resource-heavy SQL queries with Oracle Database 19c, and it will save you from executing them again.
    • Converged Database Approach
      Following the converged database approach helps in the easy development and enhancement of applications. It eliminates the need for data fragmentation over database engines to support new applications. For modular data architecture, Oracle Database 19c provides built-in containerization technology.
    • Latest Security Updates
      Using Oracle Database 19c helps you with multi-layered security to protect your data and build trust for infrastructure, apps, and users. In addition, it offers ongoing security fixes, security alerts for known vulnerabilities, updated functionalities, correction of errors, and updates for legal or regulatory requirements.

    Upgrade your Oracle database with Astute.

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    Benefits of Upgrading to 23c

    Let’s discover the benefits of an Oracle database upgrade to 23c.

    • Support for AI innovation
      Oracle Database has expanded its support for AI by offering the capability of AI vector search within the database.
    • Easy for developers

      In Oracle Database Upgrade 23c, there are a lot of changes, and one of them is an enhancement in the SQL layer that makes developers' journeys simpler.

      Moreover, it has simplified the development of data-driven applications by providing JSON relational duality, operational property graphs, true cache, JavaScript stored procedures, and In-database microservices support.

    • Database Security

      It offers the new version of SQL Firewall, which is directly available in the database.

    • Increased Availability
      Oracle Database Upgrade 23c has created several improvements to provide a more flexible and easily accessible database.


    Ensure a successful upgrade of your Oracle Database with Astute Business Solutions. Our years of expertise and technical specialties help organizations upgrade their Oracle Databases with a streamlined process.

    Contact us to leverage the benefits of Oracle Database Upgrade.

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