Use Cases of IT Estate Modernization With Oracle

Businesses are modernizing their IT infrastructure or improving the existing one for advanced functionalities and enhanced capabilities. Many companies in different industries choose Oracle as a solution for IT Estate Modernization.

But why do most of them consider Oracle as the best IT modernization solution? In this blog, we will discover the businesses and the outcomes they received after implementing Oracle services in their organization.


Clough is a leading Australian company in the engineering and construction industry. Being a multinational organization, they needed help in multi-currency reporting across geographies. Additionally, they wanted to speed up their data reporting to save time. Their reporting was typically a day late, as they used legacy BI apps, leading to incremental loads.

Therefore, they needed to overcome these challenges with an innovative technology that has meaningful reporting capabilities and creates a powerful procurement strategy. To achieve this goal, they needed upgradation and modernization of their Oracle environment.

Why did they choose Oracle?

Clough decided to choose Oracle because of its scalability. According to Clough's group corporate services manager, Glenda Salgado, as a project-based business, Clough wants to create a system that can scale up and down based on the requirements.

As a result of choosing Oracle as the solution, they can fulfill global operational standards more effectively without worrying about the workforce shortage. Oracle pre-built offerings like Autonomous Database, Analytics Cloud, and OCI GoldenGate, unified with the Oracle Cloud Lift services, helped Clough in better decision-making, lower cost, and enhanced business outcomes.

  • When Clough migrated from Oracle BI apps to Oracle Analytics Cloud, they were able to generate real-time reports independently in 3-4 hours, compared to 20 hours in the past. Also, the cost of developing the new reports was reduced to 75%-85%.
  • Oracle made it possible to handle foreign exchange in real-time and enabled the management of several transactions that consist of different taxes like VAT and GST.
  • It helped in Comprehensive and easy reporting, offering more time for value-driven tasks.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities made statistical analysis possible. It enabled Clough to provide better assistance to clients and work with a proactive approach.
  • Clough migrated smoothly and decreased the overall project risk by using Oracle Cloud Lift Services.

Want to modernize your IT infrastructure with enhanced capabilities?

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In Brazil, Hapvida Saúde is the largest verticalized healthcare solution provider, which assists more than 15 million customers around the world. They wish to modernize their data and analytics platform to improve service standards and patient care.

Specialist consultants could not access the test results like X-rays and CT scans because their data was traditionally stored in on-premises databases, leading them to delay in diagnosis by more than 2 hours. Also, they wanted to assist the patients for emergency services quickly in 15 minutes, it was becoming difficult for them to monitor without accurate and latest data.

Different data sources were giving rise to conflicts in the boardroom and impeding the process of making strategic decisions. That’s why they wanted to combine the different types of data from its large network of medical facilities on a single platform.

Why did they choose Oracle?

Hapvida preferred Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to modernize its data and analytics by automating data integration and enhancing security. When they conducted several studies and market surveys they found Oracle Cloud technologies were the best to fulfill their current and future business requirements.

  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helped in better patient care and improved outcomes. They delivered accurate and real-time data to physicians over the company’s network through Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  • With autonomous cloud databases and analytics tools, they created an AI model, which helped in better patient diagnosis and treatment during the pandemic.
  • Reduced patient care time with an AI model and accelerated patient diagnosis by getting more accurate preliminary reports in the cloud within 15 minutes.
  • For critical information of patients, Hapvida developed better security systems. Additionally, they have experienced no further security risks as the security updates were automated.
  • Data centralization enabled them to access all financial, medical service, and user data from the healthcare network of Hapvida.

Different industries can modernize their IT infrastructure.

IT Estate Modernization adds new capabilities to your existing environment and offers the latest technologies for faster business operations, no matter in which industry you are in.


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