Industry Specific Use Cases Of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

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    Businesses are turning to the cloud more and more. The cloud has significant advantages when compared with the cloud; that is, the cloud offers enhanced agility and scalability. It is also cost-efficient and offers more returns when compared to on-premise models.

    At Astute Business Solutions, we are all here for technologies and solutions that offer a seamless path to the cloud.

    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is one such service that offers much more incentives than just a seamless path. It provides enhanced support for multi and hybrid cloud environments, more flexibility, and the ability to retain complete access to data.

    We have discussed the complete capabilities of Oracle Cloud VMWare Solution and provided an elaborate feature guide as well.

    This blog discusses the five industry-specific use cases of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

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    5 Industry-Specific Use Cases For OCVS

    Oracle Cloud VMWare Solution has a few wide-reaching industry-specific use cases. You will be able to get a better understanding of the use cases by reading this blog.

    Here are some of the industries in which OCVS has played a crucial role of streamlining operations and yielding better business outcomes:

    1. Transportation


    Rumo Logística is one of the leading railway companies in Brazil and are responsible for the railway connection between multiple cities. Their primary concern was safeguarding sensitive data during natural disasters and maintaining business continuity. They were also concerned about the time required to migrate to a cloud platform.

    Rumo chose OCI because they saw potential in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to comprehend their company processes and operations and provide a custom solution. Due to this reason, they were able to migrate within a short period.

    Rumo's systems ranged from railway management to supplies and human resources. It took them three months to migrate all their workloads to OCI. The migration also brought them several financial benefits.

    2. Retail


    The Maxim's Group is a fast-growing restaurant chain with 1800 outlets across Asia. During the pandemic, they needed to ensure the scalability of their infrastructure, business continuity, and 24x7 availability, along with providing the least possible downtime.

    They adopted Oracle Cloud Infrastructure very early due to the ability to quickly migrate critical workloads without additional refactoring and rearchitecting, which requires a lot of time. Their disaster recovery concern also found a solution with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

    Due to their migration, they achieved many benefits for their business, such as automated disaster recovery, reduced RTO to 5 minutes, exponentially enhanced scalability and performance enhancements, and much more.

    Along with the Oracle Cloud VMware solution, they also used Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

    3. Finance/Banking


    As Myanmar's second-largest private bank, AYA Bank wanted to update its banking application as its core application ran out of capacity to host the VMware Training environment. They needed a VMWare climate that enhanced the ease and agility of management.

    As an established business in the finance sector, AYA Bank wanted a VMware environment that could offer root privileges to the bank to maintain the sensitivity of user data. They also wanted faster workloads and an enhanced time-to-market to maintain business continuity.

    They reduced the TCO by 55%, freed up their on-premises capacity for other critical workloads, can migrate workloads to the cloud in less than 3 hours, and maximize returns from the investments made in the core banking application investment.

    4. Telecommunications


    TIM Brasil is a leading telecommunications provider in Brazil, and they wanted to adopt Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure. They faced the challenge of coping with customer demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their main focus was that their operations should evolve with customer needs quickly without causing any business disruption.

    TIM Brasil chose both Oracle and Microsoft Cloud and became one of the first companies in Brazil to move 100% of its workloads to the cloud. They migrated several servers, cores, databases, and petabytes of storage. They were able to run critical workloads on OCVS and contributed to global sustainability by reducing the carbon emissions associated with physical data centers.

    5. IT and software


    Virtual-Q is a desktop virtualization and managed service provider, and they, too, faced the challenge of quickly enhancing the number of their services owing to the change in demand. They also needed to expand their solutions into the cloud without investing large amounts of time and costs in architectural changes.

    At the same time, Virtual-Q also wanted SLAs with consistent pricing across various global regions. They chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as it ensured a good user experience and consistent pricing for customers.

    The desktop virtualization and managed services that Virtual-Q provides are now secure and offer an enhanced user experience to clients.

    Virtual-Q was able to migrate all their data within a day to OCI and witnessed a notable increase in the performance of the virtual desktop solution by 30%.

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