Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

Utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Convert Legacy Contracts to PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management


The Challenge


Timely Conversion

The customer needed to bring 5,000 contracts from their legacy contract system into PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management.

  • Legacy contract system did not provide a programmatic egress option to export all contract information, including contract documents.
  • Labor to perform a manual conversion was estimated at over 1,200 hours.
  • Need to be able to switch from legacy to PeopleSoft over a weekend.

Reduced Dev Effort

The customer’s ability to build customized solutions is extremely limited due to the size of the staff. Building a programmatic conversion in a traditional development tool would have consumed too much resource for one-time use.

  • Need a technology-enabled solution to reduce labor.
  • Need a technology solution that is easy to implement and less expensive than manual labor.
  • Automation would go a long way toward helping the team attain their goals.

The Solution

Business Process Automation Technology

The team performed some research and determined that the fastest way to overcome the stated challenges would be to utilize Robotic Process Automation to convert from the legacy contract system to PeopleSoft Supplier Contracts.

Ability to create attended or unattended bots
Ability to utilize the system exactly as a human user would
Ability to work a queue without resting

Automate Any Business Process

Automation Anywhere is a premiere provider of software to enable robotic process automation. With solutions that cover the full spectrum of automation tasks including:

Intelligent Automation
Digital Workforce
Intelligent Document Processing

The Benefits


Conversion Accomplished

Utilization of Automation Anywhere to create an unattended bot capable of accessing the legacy contract system, collecting metadata, and documents, mapping legacy values to PeopleSoft values, accessing PeopleSoft, and entering the metadata and documents into PeopleSoft Contracts.

  • Bot completed the load in under 400 hours, 70% less time than doing manually.
  • 36% of records in the legacy system had error conditions the bot was not built to address.
  • Manual data entry was used to complete the errored records in under 300 hours.
  • Overall time savings including manual error resolution was 44% less labor than performing conversion manually.


Return on Investment

Building a bot to retrieve contracts from the legacy system and enter them into the PeopleSoft system was refreshingly simple. A resource with sufficient training was able to create the bot in two business days. More savings could have been attained if the bot had even greater error handling, however, for this project the savings from RPA were significant.

  • 46% Cost savings over building a traditional conversion program.
  • 86% Labor savings in the creation of bot over the creation of a traditional conversion program.
  • As the project included license cost for Automation Anywhere savings is even greater as the tool is now available for other applications.
  • Investment in Automation Anywhere paid for itself with this project.

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


Cost (or TCO)








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